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Sustainable Sushi Restaurant

Its amazing how America as a whole latches on to other cultures, and how fast parts of those cultures grow. Sushi made it over to America about 10 years after WW11. Now, we see sushi everywhere. According to this article there were 276 sushi restaurants in Los Angeles in 2005. In 2010, according to the Huffington Post, there is a sushi bar on almost every block. There are four ingredients that are usually accompaniments of sushi: the sushi rice which is usually mixed with rice vinegar makes it a little sticky), salt, and sugar and to keep it authentic it should be Japanese short-grained rice.

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There’s the wasabi which offsets the sometimes fishy flavor. It comes from a plant in the mustard family. Gari is ginger that is pickled in rice vinegar salt and sugar. And Soy sauce which is made from wheat and soybeans that are fermented with a mold called koJi. There are all different kinds of rolls some use raw fish some used cooked fish some use Just vegetables. And then there is sashimi, which is the raw fish without the rice.

In the second article I read, these three sushi chefs wanted to find a way to still create the fabulous food a lot of people enjoy without losing all the fish in the sea while doing so. And they did this by opening Americas first sustainable sushi restaurant Tataki in San Fransisco. Instead of using shrimp and salmon they use things like Arctic char and sardines. The restaurant was a success and . they opened another one in Seattle.


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