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Suspense Child Abduction

Second Draft mire’s under arrest madam for child abduction! ” exclaimed the police officer. Jenny’s eyes faltered with fear as her trembling knees met the ground, arms folded. Earlier that afternoon Jenny, an exceptionally kind hearted young lad in her teenage year, was on her way to Mrs. Who’s block unit, which was on the second storey, to take care of baby Ben as she left for her weekly cooking class every Wednesday. Mrs. Ho was well thought of by her fellow floor neighbors due to her thoughtfulness and politeness.

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She was also considered to be a person of a very big heart as she always lent a hand o whoever was in need and volunteered for countless charity drive events. Jenny bid her farewell to Mrs. Ho as she made her way out towards the front door when suddenly a loud that was heard. Pounding fists urgently knocked against the door creating a sudden overwrought atmosphere. Mrs. Ho immediately reacted and dashed towards the front door to peek through the peep hole. However, she was too late.

The police officers broke in and held a gun to her direction. Jenny stood rooted to the ground as she witnessed the situation escalating within a matter of seconds. mire’s under arrest madam for child abduction! Exclaimed the police officer. He displayed his badge as a proof with his right hand while he pulled out the handcuff which was tucked in-between his pants and belt, whereas his partner prepared himself to pull the trigger of the gun, which rested at the belt pouch, at any moment necessary.

Jenny’s eyes faltered with fear as her trembling knees met the ground with arms folded at the corner of the living room that gave her the idyllic view of the incident. Due to the sudden loud noises, Ben’s deep sleep was disrupted which soon led to loud whining cries that echoed from his room throughout the whole house riving her into deeper panic. Mrs. Ho hopelessly fought back by pushing the tall standing black shoe rack down towards the police officers and ran toward the kitchen attempting an escape.

After the police officers recovered from the assault, one of them immediately ran after Mrs. ho while the other ensured Ben and Jenny’s safety. The disruptive event attracted curious neighbors who were detained by a team of other officers. Soon after, Mrs. Ho was caught. A wave of futile rage swept over her as she tried to push the officer that pinned her down, she was then handcuffed. As she alike towards the police car to be sent for questioning, it dawned to her what future she now have and soon was on the brink of tears.

Jenny was at a traumatic state, the impact of the situation overwhelmed her to the point that she was paralyzed with fear. Jenny’s parents was then informed of the incident in which they responded quickly and fetched her from the station. Two weeks after the incident, the resulting outcome of Mrs. Who’s case was that she would be imprisoned for the offense of child abduction, sentenced for 5 years in Jail and fine of $100,000. Suspense Essay: Child Abduction By Andrea Crystal-Fernando


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