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Surfing guidelines

Surfing the Internet can be very example, when my pet was ill, I found there some advise how to cure him and on a good diet for him. Besides, I often visit sites for English teachers to learn about new ethos, to get some interesting texts or tests. Second, the Internet saves much time because I don ‘t need to go to the library but can find everything I want without leaving my room. I find it very convenient. More than that, I like writing E-mails to my friends and the Net gives me this chance. But on the other hand, there is the other side in the medal.

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Personally I think that the internet is quiet expensive and you always have to control yourself not to waste too much money using it. Besides, surfing the Net requires special skills and if you don ‘t have them, it is hard for you to find information quickly. I sometimes spend a lot of time to get what I really want . At is very irritating! And ,finally, what I dislike is that the Net is very slow at peak hours. To sum it up, I am sure the Internet is a great invention of the 20th century, but it has both advantages and disadvantages. It is up to everyone to decide how much and what for he is going to use it.

I have already made my choice: for me it is a useful tool (Effectively) but not something I can ‘t live without. A Personal Letter Layout street number + name date name of city + postcode Dear… , 1 . Illumination Thank the other person for their letter/postcard. Ask how he/she is, etc. Include some chat, e. G. About family or friends. Thanks for you letter. How are things? Have you repaired your motorbike? My dad still won’t let me 2. Main paragraph Give your reason for writing. Give news about your life and interesting things you are doing in your free time.

Anyway•ay, I’m writing to tell you about what I’m doing at the moment. I’m in the school play – we’re doing ‘Hamlet’… 3. Reason to finish Give a reason (or excuse! ) to stop writing. Well, I must finish now because Eve got a test tomorrow. Sign off All the best, Jack palpable Flat 100 Petrodollars, Israeli 185020 Mary, Ivan Rain 15, Lenin Street Russia December, 1 Dear It was nice to hear from you recently. I’m sorry I haven ‘t written for a long time but I’ve been very busy with the school exams and tests. Thanks for your letter in which you tell me about theaters in London.

It was really very interesting! As for me, I like one is the Russian Drama Theater but, unfortunately, it is closed down for reconstruction now. Last week I went to our National Theater to see the performance called “Limb”. It is a modern play but the action takes place in a Carnelian village in the 19th century. It was the first night and the house was full. The play was brilliant! I enjoyed every minute of it. The story is romantic but tragic at the same time. The performance was full of marvelous special effects and good folk music. The national costumes were splendid.

I was greatly impressed by the acting, too. The performance was in the Finnish language, but the spectators were given earphones to hear the text in Russian. What I like most was the leading actress: she is young but very professional. And now, I’d like to see her in some other performances. I’m sure it’s going to be great! It was a good idea to organize an exhibition in the theater foyer telling about the life and traditions of Carnelian people in the 19th century. The spectators could learn a lot from it. How are you and your family? I hope you ‘re all well.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Take care, Rain Catalpa _anchor McCann Thinkable •papal The writer’s address date Dear… Paragraph 1 – Main part – belt Name genes McCann, sugarcane, cabana Ha unplayable_Eve Cocktail Hegemonic sewage, testate Ha Chewable unblock, alluvial Mort unannounced payable Team Ending, Beginnings Invitations Thank you for… Would you like to come to… It was nice (wonderful) to hear from you recently. We’re having… On… I’m sorry I haven ‘t written for such a long time.

Please, let me know if you are coming. I hope you are well and your family are well too. I was glad to hear that you had a good holiday. Endings Congratulations Well, that’s all for now. My best wishes on… I look forward to hearing from you. = Looking forward to hearing from you. Congratulations on… Write soon. Hope to hear from you soon. I wish you good luck in… (with your… ) Best wishes. I’m sure you ‘II do well Love News Yours… By the way, have you heard that… Look after yourself I ‘m sure you ‘II be pleased to hear that… Take care I’m sorry to tell you that…


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