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Succession Planning

The most significant organizational development issue for private and public sector organizations is how to identify, develop and retain talented leaders for the future. The key to any organization’s success is the right people in place to lead tomorrow immersed in the organization’s values so they can sustain the culture. Succession planning has also been identified as top factor for employee retention. The Succession Planning Process With KMx, you will be able to build the foundation for a customized succession planning process that will work specifically for the organization.

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KMx Performance Management enables you to put the groundwork into place today for developing the best talent at every level of the organization. By designing a performance management profile for every key Job in the organization you will be creating a succession planning roadmap for the future. Stage 1 – Creation of Knowledge and Skill Profiles (KIS Tables) In KMx, KIS Tables are a listing of knowledge and skill behaviors associated with a particular subject area. KIS Tables are subdivided into types (normally knowledge and skill) and areas to further classify behaviors.

KIS Table behaviors are sequenced in order of increasing complexity or logical progression. In addition to providing the primary content cataloging schema with KMx, KIS Table also provide the foundation for development of personnel labor classifications that are specific enough to support the succession planning process. Leveraging wizards provided by KMx, the organization will be able to quickly identify and document the key knowledge, skills and competencies to drive the performance management program and set the framework for a succession plan.

Stage 2 – Mapping organizational best practices and corporate values to create a succession planning program Mapping best practices to subject area behaviors (created during Stage 1) with organizational performance measures provides the measuring stick for performing an analysis of the gap between current personnel capabilities and the needs of the organization. In addition to this key element in the succession planning process, the indexes created during this phase are incredibly valuable for: ??? Just-in- time performance support Curriculum maintenance

Selection and certification of training materials The mapping process is central to the KMx architecture and is supported by expert system wizards to facilitate the effort. Stage 3 – Create the plan and supporting documentation In KMx, personnel requirements are mapped to supporting content and to the behaviors, conditions and standards of the requirements. The indexes created by this mapping process provide the organization with the ability to perform continuous monitoring and development of the following key succession planning elements: ???

Employee skills verification documentation Training continuum development and maintenance Individual career management and performance evaluations ??? Organizational ??? Leadership development and planning documentation Overall staff development and recruiting planning Stage 4 – Execute the plan Succession planning requires executive sponsorship. KMx provides the technology, reports and structure to ensure a comprehensive plan. KMx will also provide the means to communicate, manage and deliver a meaningful performance management program that is coupled to the succession plan.

What KMx can not provide is the leadership to implement the plan or the talent necessary to ensure the plans success. The executive sponsor of the organization’s succession planning process must be prepared to accomplish the following tasks: ??? Prioritize the key skill competencies that the organization requires for successful growth ??? Link the corporate values and culture to the succession planning process ??? Create an executive committee dedicated to driving the best talent forward ??? Link performance management, training and recruiting processes to sharpen talent for he future Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. rovides the technology and expertise to capture and index the knowledge and skills required for your organization to function at maximum efficiency and execute a successful succession plan. Our KMx technology platform organizes and delivers this information to the right people at the right time in context with the behaviors, conditions and standards of performance required to meet the unique needs of the organization while providing executive management with the tools and reports necessary to plan for the future.


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