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Succes Story of an Afghan Refugee

M. Vaqar Ali December 28, 2011 Success story of Yasmin (An Afghan refugee) Yasmin aged 20 has been working with Hashoo Foundation since September 2010. Presently she teaches English Language to the Afghan Refugees, a project of Hashoo Foundation funded by the People of America through BPRM. She is one of the fortunate refugees who managed to escape from the terrorism-plagued country of Afghanistan, along with family at the age of five. It has been the helping hand of Hashoo Foundation that supported her education from grade 5 to A-levels.

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Most of the refugees, she teaches find her very close and feel at home with her which makes it easier for her to get their attention in the classroom. Moreover, the linguistic commonality of Persian and Dari helps the learners to overcome the difficulties of the target language as a second Language. She and her family are well respected by all sections of the community which helps her when she looks to encourage the community to take a more active role in the learning of the learners.

Prior to becoming a Language instructor, Yasmin completed her formal education with the moral support of her family, the financial support of Hashoo Foundation and above all her keen interest and iron will to receive higher education, to become a doctor. Her devotion to studies has been worth mentioning since her childhood, when she managed to cope with up-hill tasks of new education system of Pakistani society the linguistic hurdles and the financial constraints.

After observing personally, the worst situation of deprivation of Afghani people within her homeland and de0lorable condition in Pakistan, Yasmin became concerned and decided to help her community. She could feel the intensity of the pangs of her people, for being victimized of the onset of the Afghan was and it aftermath. It is experienced fact that Afghan refugees had teaming number of problems to get them settled in Pakistan with all Legalities.

Moreover, at the top of the list has been the education, for it is the only tool to lesson their p0ain and drive their attention to the constructive direction instead of a revengeful weapon bearer fighter. Her timely decision to receive education, as much as possible, along with the domestic and social responsibilities proved that Skill Development and positive personality grooming could produce positive characters for society. Hashoo Foundation played a vital role in this regard by providing personal attention and led the Afghan Community to be constructive for themselves and for their community.

Yasmin has been instrumental in helping her community; deciphers the imperatives of the time and society and guided a great number of her community members to get their hands skillful in order to design their fortune with their own hands. Her efforts have been productively ensuring rapid increase in handsome number of the English Language learner. She also is putting her oil-burnt efforts to bridge up the linguistic competency with their skill development.

She tries hard to provide them the Language lessons that could be supportive in their technical domain Yasmin believes: I hope we will be able to achieve the target of economic development through skill, and English Language learning would play a key role in this regard. Yasmin is in awe of the passion of Hashoo Foundation for humanitarian activities especially for Afghan refugees: I and my community is thankful to HF for its g generous support to rebuild ourselves, by providing skillful training into different trades, and for the special arrangement of English Language learning classes. However, there is still much more ahead of us.


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