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Strategic Plan, Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business

Strategic Plan, Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business Kizowanda Staples BUS/475 July 19, 2011 Janisse Green Brianna Daycare Center’s vision is to become the daycare that understands and fits the customers’ and child care needs. Strategic Plan, Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business In this paper, it will explain the strategic plan for Brianna Daycare Center. It will also describe my mission statement and values. In my mission, my business; products or services, and customers will define so that they will receive the best service available.

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Commercial mission statements often include the following information: purpose and aim(s) of the organization; the organization’s primary stakeholders: congregation, shareholders, clients and customers, and how the organization provides value to these stakeholders, for example by offering specific types of products and services. The commercial mission statement consists of three essential components: key market – he or she can target clients and customers (generalize if needed); contribution. Our service will provide to that client; distinction and any special service that we can and will provide.

What makes our service unique, so that the client would choose our daycare? Our mission statement is “To provide busy parents with excellent child care needs. Our key market is the busy parents, our contribution is excellent child care and our distinction is a facility that is safe, clean and has a staff that is experienced, helpful, and specialized in day care. Our guiding principles and values are “Customer always first,” “Diversity,” “Organization Culture,” “Sincerity and Honesty,” and “Ethics. Our first main concern is our customers and we will make abundance effort to see that customers remain satisfied with our service.

We always promote and encourage diversity at our workplace. We always promote that we hiring employees from different cultures, ethnic background and nations to make our workplace is a true reflection of a universal culture. Our workplace encourages creativity originality and flexibility. We will believe that employees are our greatest asset and aim to offer a health working atmosphere for their progress and enhance we are always committed to remain honest and sincere in all our dealing with customers, vendors and, employees.

We will not indulgence in acts that will be detrimental to the reputation of our organization. We will stick to the highest ethical values in all our acts because ethics is surrounded in each part of our business. We will guarantee loyalty to such ethical strategy The vision statement, the mission statement, and the company’s values all guide the organization’s strategic plan. Vision statements and mission statements are similar; however, the two documents have a fine point of difference. Mission statements are more concerned about the aim of the business.

The mission statement is a simple statement about the daycare reason for existence. The vision statement, by difference is not about what the company presently is, but about what the company hopes to become in the future. A value is a belief, a mission, or a philosophy on how it is really meaningful to the company. My company addresses our customers’ needs Brianna’s Daycare Center will provide transportation for the customers’ children to and from home and their parent’s job. The center will open early for parents who have to arrive at work or school at a certain time.

The center will stay open until six in the afternoon. If the parents cannot make it in time to come and pick their children up. We will bring their children home for them or bring them to their job if they can. The children will be fed breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also snack. We will treat the children as they are at home. The daycare staff will treat the parents with respect and honesty. The staff and the manager will also treat the parent as if they are home away from home. Then the parent will see that we are not like any other daycare out there.

We will treat him or her better then the other daycare that the parents have been to or visited. The daycare will be the best in the world. We will have every one coming from all over the world trying to discover why our daycare is the most proper and why we developing so much fun and providing excellent care for the children. Reference Retrieved from http://www. gurusoftware. com/GuruNet/Business/Topics/Values. htm Retrieved from http://danpritchard. com/wiki/Mission_statement .


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