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Wearing fashionable clothes, such as current trends, always makes me happy, and I strongly believe that one’s clothes and styling of one’s fashion express the one’s personality, aesthetic, and story. The keywords which express the value of my fashion style are sophisticated, edgy, traditional, authentic, modern and urban. Since I am into art, I am interested in color theory for fashion and personally like both black- and-white style and colorful style. I will state more detail of my personal “fashion” values as below. First of all, I am always drawn to the person who wears the nice color and right sized loathes.

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If the person also wears some fashionable accessories to give a special touch to finish the total coordination, it makes the style more fashionably attractive. Also if the clothes are Just my kind of style, I would be attracted. Next, I hope to achieve understanding the characteristics of my body and my size so that I will be able to find close-fitting clothes and figure out whether the style or the clothes are ideal for my proportion. In fashion industry, it is important and useful to understand each person’s body feature, such as charming parts.

Moreover, to be conscious of the total coordination and to become acutely aware of the balance for the person’s total look would be another standard to achieve in my personal fashion. One of my objectives is to have a good sense of finding out whether the each item which is composing one total look is cohesive or not. Sometimes one too powerful item destroys the person’s total look. On the other hand, some people put an item as a feature of their total look of a day, and because of the other nice supporting or cohesive elements they also ear, the styling totally succeeds.

Finally, as I stated before, I would like to be able to image a total look in my head in a quick and figure out what I need to add or take away from the styling to complete perfect look. Also, I want to improve my sense of objective analysis for fashion styling. This sense is absolutely essential in the industry and to be a fashionable person. I believe that I still look at every styling of people around me, displays of clothing store, and the collections of every season’s runway shows, and criticize them with the object f what I like or whether they are my style or not.

Therefore, it is my objective in this class to be conscious of what generally people would like, what fashion people would like, and what would be too much fashion. In addition, to be aware of time, place, and occasion for fashion is also my point to improve. As long as I have a plan to work in fashion industry in global field for my future, understanding culture, occasion, and standards of each country and dressing appropriately will help my career. Stereotype By You


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