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Step to Writting a Good Essay

Upon deciding the topic for my final paper I decided on , Credit scores are a fair measure to help lenders to estimate potential risk. My point of view considering this topic is that I will explain why I agree with the issue then follow with supporting facts and details. I will proceed to explain the reasons why lenders and banks use scores t evaluate the risk. I will show that most people which have a repeated and unsatisfactory credit history usually, don’t change. I will share information on those with good credit established and how to maintain it.

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I will show how having good or bad credit affects your daily living. I will discuss how credit bureaus come up with credit scores, where their information comes from, and what to do if it is not correct. I will present factual evidence to support my views and opinions. I will begin my paper with enthusiasm, and confidence to keep my audience focused and interested. In my essay, I will disclose a number of issues that can destroy your credit. I will provide some ways to go about correcting your credit.

I would like my audience to understand that your credit has a huge impact on not only your lifestyle but the economy as well. I want the audience to know that credit is something that you can without a doubt destroy within a matter of weeks or in as little as a month. I would like my audience to also be informed that it can be corrected as well, but it is a long and tedious process. I will facilitate my audience to understanding the pros and cons of both sides of credit scores. Having good or fair credit is always a must or a must try to have in this day in life.

Once I finalize my persuasive essay, I hope to have my audience in my court, and understanding why it is so critical to have credit scores to measure risk up front for lenders and bankers. Unless you resolve your old credit tribulations, it is almost impossible to obtain a new line of credit at a reasonable interest rate. People need to become conscious and aware that having good credit is critical and positive aspect in life. Potential employers can even check your credit and credit scores.

If your credit or credit score is substandard then it is doubtful you will get the job, even if you are the best person for the job or highly qualified due to your credit or credit scoring. Furthermore, most people do not realize how their credit can affect their lifestyle, future wealth and wellbeing. We as consumers should become more aware that it is our behavior and decisions that we make used to determine our credit worthiness. The fact of the matter is that lenders have used this technique for years, and I doubt it will ever change in the near future.


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