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Statement of the problem

Statement of the problem BY aldz23 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study aims to determine the persuasive ability of movie trailers towards AB Communication Students and aspirants, 1st Semester of AY 2013-2014.

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The objective of the study is to evaluate the persuasive ability of movie trailers and determine: If movie trailers are persuasive enough to make the audience watch the full-length movie What are the elements present in the trailer that makes it persuasive in making the audience watch the full-length movie What other factors influence the audience to watch the full-length movies If the respondents undergone he persuasive process (ELM, SMRC) and determine the specific level they reached SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The study will be of significance to: Movie Trailer Producers; in this study, movie trailer producers will be able to identify what are the certain aspects in a trailer that audiences respond to and take note of. Movie Establishments; through this study, movie establishments will be able to determine what trailer will they preview, hence it will also enable them to determine what movie would the audience want to watch.

The Movie; the movie itself will also benefit because this research will show us hat kind of trailers make the audience watch the full length movie itself. This therefore will tell us that if the trailer works, the movie will gain more audiences. They will also be able to gage the effectiveness of their promotional efforts. Audience; SCOPE AND LIMITATION This study features the persuasive ability of movie trailers in terms of tis audio- visual elements towards the respondents. This will also determine external factors, other than the above mentioned, that makes the respondent watch the full length movie. This study will only include movies that are shown in Bacolod City. Since DEFINITION OF TERMS MOVIEGOER MOVIEGOING


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