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Statement of the Problem

Statement of the Problem Dry. Jamie Goethe, Director of the Office of Professional Services and Educator Licensing for CEDE, stated that she is not impressed with the induction programs for principals in our state. She has been in direct contact with both the Colorado Educations Association (CAE) and the Colorado Association of Superintendents of Education (CASE) about proposing a ‘clean-up’ bill for induction programs and then to review the Educator Licensing rules and bring them into line with the state statute.

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She added that she feels that the reason for As not being impressive is due to the lack of clarity in the state statute and state rule. She does agree that with the revision to the template/forms for applying for an approval of an induction program are very clear regarding the expectations (Dry. Jamie Goethe, personal communication, August 1, 2008). I feel that the expectations are lacking on both ends of the spectrum and the non-negotiable accountability piece needs to be in place and conducted with reliability, faithfulness and consistency across the state of Colorado.

Purpose of the Study The primary purpose of this study is to examine six state approved induction programs for principal/administrators in Colorado and to determine if the school district’s policies are comprehensive in complying with the Colorado Department of Education’s, (CEDE), program induction guidelines. The CEDE ‘s guidelines and protocol for the principal and/or administrator induction program are very detailed and laid out for school districts to follow if they have been selected as a site induction program(lap) in their respective districts.

The State Board of Education and Colorado Department of Education are in place to provide guidance and direction for local school districts on statewide induction programs. If implemented with fidelity as set by the CEDE and SUB, principals should have a good understanding and stable foundation from which they can perform their duties at a proficient and confident level of experience and knowledge.

Principals and administrators initial licenses are valid only in Colorado school districts which provide approved induction programs, unless the school district has applied for and obtained a waiver of the induction program requirements per the Educator Licensing Act of 1991. CEDE has set policy guidelines that are suggested to be implemented in each approved school district’s induction program. The induction programs for principals and administrators are and shall be designed to meet four proposed purposes: Orientation; Colonization and Transition; Technical skill development; and continuous formative assessments.

The indicators that are outlined in the CEDE Induction Program Policy consist of enters, the selection and training of mentors, the matching of mentors to menthes, the professional development plans, and both the professional and program evaluations of the approved school district’s induction program. The scope of this study will focus on those components listed above of the district’s administration induction program policies. “Policies can improve schools only if the people in them are armed with the knowledge, skills, and supports they need” (National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, 1996, p. 5).


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