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Statement of Purpose

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I am interested to be a part of the organizing team of Crescendo 2011 as it is very prestigious event. Being a part of the organizing team will help me to learn the quality of coordinating and organizing such huge events as a team which is essential in today’s corporate world. It will help me to interact and gain the valuable knowledge and expertise from the corporate professionals as well as the seniors who have become familiar with organizing such annual events.

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It will also help me to improve my communication skills and develop into a more informed and confident individual. I was the President of the Library Committee in my school (Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura) and organized an annual event called Book Week where around 35 -40 schools from all over Delhi participated. So I am already familiar with organizing different events.

Crescendo is the corporate-cum cultural festival of our college which is eagerly awaited every year by the students and the corporate world alike. It provides an invaluable opportunity to the corporates to have a direct interface with the youth and to tap into the psyche of the youth in a natural and casual atmosphere. Crescendo aims at building and maintaining a momentum, to bring things to a fever pitch and to extract the highest levels of performance from all those involved in it.

Over the years the festival has managed to build a rock solid reputation as the only DU Festival which embraces and incorporates the corporate aspect seamlessly with fun and frolic that is usually associated with such events. If selected I assure you that I will work to my utmost potential to make our college’s annual fest Crescendo 2011 a successful event. I will work with total dedication and commitment to ensure that the event is even more successful than the previous editions.


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