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The question ‘should teenagers be allowed a television in their bedroom’ has been debated for many years now. With the forever updating technology such as; mobile phones, pods, computers and laptops television should really be the least of our parents’ worries. In my opinion teenagers should be allowed a television in their bedroom as long as they agree to use it in moderation and of course, fulfill that agreement. Some of the reasons a teenager should be allowed a television in their editor are; it shows them that you as parents, trust your teenage daughter or son.

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Being a teenager myself I know that it feels brilliant to be trusted and granted freedom. Another reason I feel teenagers should be allowed a television in their bedroom is that it would help to avoid a lot of arguments between siblings or parents on what to watch. Additionally, as parents would you rather that your teenage son or daughter was watching television in their bedroom at night or out in the streets with friends you disprove of? Personally if it were me I would prefer them watching television.

Another example could be; as a parent would you rather you teenager was watching a television programmer about illegal drugs or using illegal drugs? Again if it were me I would rather they were watching television. Television can also help discourage the use of things such as; drugs, cigarettes or alcohol as sometimes it shows the effects or consequences on people. Even though there are scenes of violence, sex, drug abuse and such, scenes of this nature can also be viewed on other electronic gadgets such as; mobile phones or computers.

There are also a lot of violent and inappropriate video games these days which can be in the bedroom, therefore surely if televisions are not allowed in the bedroom no electronic devices should be. By not allowing teenagers to have any electronic equipment in their bedroom they may feel you are taking away their freedom and making their privacy a minority. I feel that television is probably one of the easiest electronic devices to monitor, this is because parents can find out what exactly is on each channel.

Ultimately it is gadgets like mobile phones, tablet computers and laptops we should be worried about. Firstly they are much harder to monitor and secondly, a teenager is much more likely to stay up social networking or testing that watching television. Overall I think parents should allow teenagers to have a television in their bedrooms provided that they get enough sleep, get all their school work done and listen to their parents.


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