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Socratic dialogue

Are we born with honesty or we develop it? Socrates: if someone were to walk up to you and ask,” What is honesty? “, what would you reply the person? Mono: honesty is a moral character which triggers positive attributes such as truthfulness, straightforwardness, being fair and sincere. Socrates: What if a person possesses only one of those attribute but not the other, does the person still qualify as honest? Mono: in some cases, the person might still be geared as honest.

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Socrates: How would you regard someone with both a white and African parentage? Wicked you say he/she is white or black? It seems hard to decipher. That is the same case as someone with only one attribute of honesty. The person can neither be said to be dishonest nor honest. Mono: That is true. Socrates: if someone stole a purse at midday and was questioned by the shop owner if they did stole the purse that morning and the person says no, is that considered Ewing honest?

Mono: No because the person lied about the purse Socrates: If you take a second look at the situation, you will observe that the person did not actually tell a lie but was rather stating the truth as the purse was stolen by midday not in the morning Mono: That is right if the case is looked into logically. Honesty is more about being honest at all times. Socrates: children start lying right from a young age; do you think they possess honesty? Mono: well… Hey do possess onsets but it has not been deeply instilled in them yet and that is why they keep lying. Socrates: is it possible for a circular figure to become a square? Wicked you say it’s because it is not yet in the circle to acknowledge the fact of what it is? Those are just ways of trying to make the situation sound convincing and less serious. Mono: so you do not think that people are born with honesty in them? Socrates: I am not really in that position to say such but if I were, I would say honesty is something that is developed with maturity


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