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Sociology and my social structure Melissa A. Moore In this paper I will be exploring my social structure and defining my place in social groups. I will be using information learned from the textbook (The Sociology Project, 2013), as well as my own thought process to complete the paper. It will help with not only understanding myself and the class but with being able to finish my final project as well. I see myself as a fully functioning member of society with many roles and statuses. In the social world I have many contributing factors that I will explain in ore detail within the paper.

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My ascribed status or status attained at birth is that of a Caucasian, female, daughter. These are self explanatory statuses and need no greater details. Mother, student, and Registered Medical Assistant are my achieved statuses, statuses that I have voluntarily earned. I became a Mother in the year 2000 with the birth of my daughter Emily, I was a wife for seven years but since I am no longer in that role I have not included it in my paper. Student is a status I gained earlier this year when I made the choice to return to school to get a degree in another field of study. I wanted to be able to provide more for my family.

I became a Registered Medical Assistant in 2010 after going back to school the first time. It was sadly the same time that the economy started to fall and I was unable to find a Job in that field. I do, however, keep my credentials up by completing continuing education since I put all the work in to achieve that status. There are also the master statuses to mention. These are statuses that have special importance since they pertain to my identity and overshadows all the other statuses. They can shape a persons life and can be either 1 positive or negative.

My master statuses are that I am a healthy, straight, female, 35 years old, and Caucasian. I have chosen to take care of myself so that I am healthy and able to do things with my family as well as to help make sure that I am around for them in the future when they need me. I am not entirely sure why I have chosen to be straight, but I believe it to be a personal choice that each person makes for themselves. The female part comes in due to the DNA process that come with all births. My age comes from the fact that I was conceived by my parents in 1977 and born in 1978.

Race is something that was due to the nationalities of my both of my parents and something that any child of theirs would have born with. All of these statuses effect the groups that I am in, both the primary and secondary groups. Family and close friends would be my primary group, these are the people I love and I am close to. They are the people that know me extremely well and that I can go to when I need advice. My classmates and co-workers would be in the secondary group. I may not know all of these people as well but they are people that I interact with on a regular basis.

These groups would be called my micro groups, where as Southern would be macro groups. These are places where I need to be off more professional mindset and remember that I am representing them by choosing to be affiliated with them. I believe that all of the statuses and roles that are part of what makes up my social structure are both very important and necessary. Colonization is a key part of life, without the ability to socialize we would not know how to act and when to apply it. Without colonization there would be no communication skills learned and no sense of pride in the positive things we accomplish.


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