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Sleep and Tree Planting Trip

One day, a group of young children went on a tree planting trip. All children chose a plant which looked healthy and beautiful. But one of the girls took a plant which was small and decided to plant. Everyone saw it and laughed at her. She was so upset. So one of the girls, whose name was Mille, decided to tell them all a story. All the children gathered around. Mille said “once upon a time, there was a little cute Twilled named Thumbnail who lived with the other Tiller’s happily.

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But one day by mistake they were reinserted to Manna’s house in the bunch of flowers. They were sleeping, when they woke up three Tiller’s were surprised because they have never seen a place like it and shocked because they knew they were trapped. So they tried to escape by then the three Tiller’s found out that their whole family was in trouble. They were so worried. Thumbnail and the other two Tiller’s planned and hoped it would work. One night, Make invited her friend Violet to a sleepover in her house. The three

Tiller’s decided that it was right time to do it. While Make and Violet spent their time drinking hot chocolate and watching a movie, the three Tiller’s had the power to plant and grow the trees faster. So, they planted plants and creepers all around the room and made the room look like a forest. When Make and Violet came to their bed to sleep, they were shocked. The next morning, they all gathered around and had a talk. Suddenly Make raised her voice and said “l can’t do it and I don’t care about these little weird creatures”.

The Tiller’s were shocked. They couldn’t do anything. After a week, the workers started to cut down the trees and started constructing a new factory. All the Tiller’s were worried. The world of Tiller’s was destroyed. The three Tiller’s were alone and unhappy without others. After few hours, a heavy rain with cyclones started in the city. All the people were worried. And Make was worried a lot because the constructing of her factory was stopped, for many days the rain continued.

She knew that Tiller’s can do something. When she went to the Tiller’s and asked them to help. The Tiller’s asked her not to cut down the trees and protect their world has favor. Make agreed to them and did as the Tiller’s told. After hours, everything was back to normal” said Mille and finished the story. A girl asked what happened to the Tiller’s, Mille replied “THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER”. With a big smile on her face. Sleep and Tree Planting Trip By sushi


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