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Introduction: Problem: The cat Jasper is a male cat that was given an over-the-counter analgesic which had caused him to keep getting sicker. He is one years old and weighs seven pounds, five ounces. His symptoms included vomiting and having diarrhea for several days. His lab tests showed a metabolic acidosis meaning there was too much acid in his body fluid. This meant Jasper could have been given acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen. To identify what analgesic Jasper was given we took samples of the efferent analgesics and crushed them.

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We used a melting point apparatus to find out what the melting point was and matched it with acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen. Then we used the Infrared Spectroscopy to determine the function group of the molecules to help us identify which analgesic was used. Between the symptoms, melting point, and results of the infrared spectroscopy we were able to identify what analgesic Jasper ingested. Results: After receiving all of the information and comparing the results of the symptoms, letting point, and infrared spectroscopy we concluded that they analgesic he was given was ibuprofen.

His symptoms had matched the general symptoms of an ibuprofen overdose in cats. According to the Ibuprofen and Unproven Toxicity article the common overdose s

The last comparison we made was from our infrared spectroscopy we collected and the one Dry. Allison gave as a reference. The peaks of the graph were similar to the reference given. Attached is the graph we collected and printed. Discussion: When we were figuring out the melting point of the analgesic we put a small crushed sample into a capillary tube and put it inside the Electrochemical 9100 to find the melting point. We heated the apparatus to

Next in the experiment we crushed more of the analgesic and put in on the plate of the infrared spectroscopy. The Infrared Spectroscopy we used was the Nicolle IR 200 FITS. The sample was placed in the middle of the plate and was screwed down into the eight position to make sure it was secured. Before we put the sample on the plate we collected a background data of the infrared spectroscopy. After the sample was secured on the plate we then hit “collect” on the computer and the computer took samples of the crushed sample on the plate.


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