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Should Cigarette Smoking Become Illegal Like Drugs?

Should cigarette smoking become illegal like drugs? Cigarette smoking has become a big social issue from previous. Recently according to Korean Association Smoking and Health research, they presented that seven out of ten person of Korean agreed that both produce of cigarette and sales of one are banned from now in decade. I think it shows that smoking is no longer a problem of individual. Although most smokers say that illegalizing smoking is an invasion of privacy, I believe that illegalizing smoking create more positive effects.

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In Law of Korea, there is the right to pursue of happiness. Smokers usually claim that they have this one. However, non-smokers also have the right to pursue of happiness. They are losing their health because of indirect smoking. Damages of indirect smoking are more serious to women and children. Even though parents smoke outside of home, nicotine which the smoker have in body, clothes, and hair is sent to their children. And it affects widely on cause lung cancer, diabetes, and a cardiac disorder Opponents of illegalizing smoking insist that cigarette is like their favorite food.

Despite their claim, I think cigarette smoking is not so difference from taking drugs. For the reason, the most harmful material induced smoke is tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine, and then nicotine of these is narcotic material which causes a habit. It is addictive on the same level as opium, so it’s actually classed as a narcotic on the pharmacological. Finally, opponents of illegalizing smoking say that smoking is a problem for individuals. However, the problem of smoking is no longer limited to individual.

It affects society in general, accompanying a heavy economic loses. Government not only pays additional medical expense but also suffers economic losses owing to decreasing productivity as smoker get a disease by smoking. According to New York Times, a Prof. Stanton Glantz of California University reported that California States reduced medical expense of $86 billion by a potent anti-smoking campaign. Likewise, smoking cause economic loses to both each individual and society.

In short, cigarette smoking makes many people lose not only for themselves, but also for others health. Also since cigarettes are deadly and addictive, cigarette smoking is like taking drugs. Finally, the problem of smoking causes great economic damage. Therefore, in my opinion, cigarette smoking should become illegal for all of us. Smokers! Remember that smoking is likely to murder or harm indirectly someone. ##Reference 1. http:// www. kash. or. kr (Korean Association Smoking and Health) 2. The New York Times-August 27. 2008


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