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Sex, Lies, and Conversation

Women communicate verbally more than men. Women are able to communicate their thoughts and feelings more effectively as well. It will also take a typical female much more time to get over something that happened than it would for a man. Women tend to like sharing experiences with others in order to create bonds. Women ask questions and actively seek out information in order to get to know others. The more a female knows about a person usually makes her feel a stronger connection. Women will also tell more about themselves if the person they are forming a relationship with is willing to do the same.

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Women tend to over analyze situations as well. Men can be viewed as very different than women in the ways in which they think and behave. While engaging in a conversation, men may seem as if they aren’t paying attention to what the other person is saying, when in fact they are usually Just taking in the moment. Another example is how men do not cry during movies while women do. This is because there is a part of a man’s brain that is different than a woman’s. I believe that Deborah Tanner’s analysis of male and female communications is valid.

One statement that Teen makes is how “American men tend to talk more Han women in public situations, they often talk less at home. ” (Tauten 423). I agree with this statement because I have seen this so many times before. Many men that I know talk a lot more when they are surrounded by many people. I believe this is because men enjoy being the main focus point of the situation. They like to let everyone know that they are in the room. I agree with Tanner’s statement of how females socialize and form relationships and how men interact with each other too. Being a girl, I know that most girls do act as she has described.

We keep secrets, we hisser, gossip, overreact to mild comments, and we talk… A lot. Men are more physical people. They create relationships with other men by doing things for each other. They gain trust when one has another’s “back”. Because males and females are so different, it is sometimes difficult for them to understand one another. Situations will come up where they fight because they don’t understand why the other is reacting in a certain way. Males and females, while very different, are capable of creating relationships with each other that can be successful through good communication.


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