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Several Grinding Mill Phenomenons of Ball Mills

Wet ball mill is grinding equipment production, one of the rolling mill is a cylinder with a special support structure in accordance with the new concept design of a new mill. Let solves the system under harsh environmental conditions and prolonged sealing problems arising from the work cylinder traverse problem. Now, come to you to talk about the wet ball mill installation process sequence, base unit installation, we hope that this knowledge a help: Understanding the detection of ball mill load is significant.

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Grinding Jobs appear package ball, the grinding of the material and the gas temperature is high, end mill sieve take water vapor, the product has a thin sheet materials, while the large tile mill outlet temperature is high, the grinding of cement tacky. So pack the ball mill produces grinding phenomenon with full, what does? L . Into the grinding material is too dry, too little water, fine powders prone to static electricity and adhere to the surface grinding. 2. Duct blockage, poor ventilation, the eat can not be discharged in the mill, the mill will lead to overheating and package materials ball. . Into the grinding material temperature is too high, or if the material is too long residence time in the mill, or poor ventilation, the temperature Inside the mill is too high, generating static electricity, so fine powders adsorbed on the surface of the grinding balls causes packet. Most customers in the production process for the mill appeared packages balls and full grinding phenomena do not know, a problem I o not know in what way the rescue, resulting In ball mill not normal production operations.


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