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Selfie Overload

Super Self Although the famous self has been around for ages, it wasn’t until our beloved smart phones added a camera the front to perfect our pictures. The selfless in my opinion, show who you are as a person; they let other people view you how you view yourself. They are useful by capturing a special moment in your life, and saving it as a memory. My view on selfless are they are a definite keep, but my rule is not to go overboard with them. They are perfect ways to express yourself and keep people who care about you updated on how you are.

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However, I definitely do not think uploading eve selfless a day is necessary. Keeping some selfless saved on my phone kind of makes it special for me in a way. In my opinion, sharing selfless online with people no longer keeps certain special moments in your life personal. I think I am most likely to take multiple selfless when I am having a really good day, if I feel happy on the inside and out, if I believe I feel pretty, or if something is important happens to me and I really want to remember that moment, and the feeling. I believe I do take a lot of selfless, but I would not categorize myself as an addict.

In my opinion I think you are only an addict of you take selfless and upload all of them online. I will definitely admit to having more than twenty selfless of myself saved on my phone, but I have not shared every single one of them online. My outlook on selfless are they are great ways to keep people updated on how you feel and how good your day has been. They are perfect for saving as memories for the rest of your life, and they are great ways to express yourself. Overall selfless are here to stay! They have been around for so long, and will be around for many more years!


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