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Self Care Assessment Response Paper

After completing the self assessment tool for self care, it was clear that I am lacking in many areas. With the aid of the assessment tool I was able to recognize that my strengths are in my emotional self care and professional self care. I must say that with these areas of strengths for me, I am elated. I like to think that I give a lot of myself when I am caring for others such as my patients and family. However, the areas that I need improvement on are for me. It did not surprise me that my areas of weakness were physical, psychological, and spiritual.

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The weaknesses are by choice for me. If I were given the choice to get a massage or spend time with a life long friend that I have not seen in some time, the choice would be easy for me. The time spent with the friend would be much more valuable to me than the massage. The first 30 days change quiz did not bring as many surprises as the self-care assessment tool. With a score of twenty-nine I was described as the “Change Agent”. By definition, change is a familiar friend to myself. Being a military child and then a military spouse change has always been a huge part of my life.

As I continue in my personal and professional life, I am eager and an active participant in changes. Quite often I find myself frustrated with the ones that are resistant to change. I believe that in order to grow, there must be change. After completing the quizzes and reflecting upon their results I was able to see that I am receptive to change but need to work on “me”. I will need to find ways to incorporate small rewards for myself. As a woman that has overcome many obstacles I must learn to give to myself as much as I am willing to give to others.

I hope that with courses such as this I will be able to become a stronger leader by improving on my physical, psychological, and spiritual self care. With any changes it is important to set short-term goals working toward the more long-term goals. Once again I find myself referring back to the methods set out before me by Stephen Covey. I look forward to the challenges as a leader and hope that having a vision and a mission that the path will be less rocky. I understand that communication and adaptability must also be included to become a successful deader.

In conclusion I would like to make reference to the article by Kramer about Graduate Challenges and strategies for success. Kramer used her own pneumonia when the decision to go forward with graduate studies are made and I believe the same would work toward becoming a great leader. She uses the BBC pneumonia: A: Assess your personal and professional goals. B: Buy into your decision. C: Charge ahead keeping your goal in sight. For me, my goal is to become a successful nursing leader and educator. Self Care Assessment Response Paper By ransacks


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