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Rise and Fall of Sega 5 Major Events/lssues: Surrounding the topic Sega was formed as a merger between two companies, Rosen Enterprises and Service Games, forming the abbreviated SEGA Enterprises Ltd. SEGA’s name was derived from the SE in Service and the GA in Games, Enterprises was Just taken from the company Rosen Enterprises. In 1966 Sega began manufacturing original arcade machines, their first was called Periscope. The machine was 10 feet deep and 6 feet wide and also cost twice as much as competing arcade machines though players said that it was worth it.

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The company began to spread rapidly, making more and more elaborate hits. Their games began to distinguish the company from others with their great graphics, the game Turbo, was the first racing to use sprite scaling and full color graphics. Their game Zaxxon delivered scrolling graphics and an isometric view with 3D gameplay. The game Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom trumped both of those games with its fast 3D scaling detailed sprites.

To maintain their position in the game industry Sega acquired a company in San Diego, called Gremlin Industries, the company developed and manufactured new microprocessor-based arcade games. After this union Sega created, Head on, a game which paved the way for maze based ames, further popularized by Pac-Man. On July 15, 1983 Sega released the home console, SG-IOOO, the same day that Nintendo released their own home console in Japan, the Family Computer or NES in the US which was release a few years later.

As it turned out, the SG-IOOO failed in comparison with the Family Computer, though Sega saw the potential in their system. What they decided to do next was upgrade the SG-IOOO. Thus they made the SG-IOOO Mark Ill and released it around the same time that Nintendo released the NES for the US. After a range of hits for the arcade achines, including new hardware called System 16, the Sega name meant cutting- edge graphics and hoped that this is what they needed to take over the game industry in the US.

They redesigned the SG-IOOO Mark Ill and named it the Master System in the US. Sega attempted to make console originals, Just how Nintendo made Super Mario Bros, and came out with Alex Kidd in Miracle World a title that didn’t go very far at the time. Sega also tried to gain attention with gadgets; they offered an opportunity to save games on small lightweight cards as well as cartridges. Though when these devices were released not too many people were into he idea and the idea was abandoned.

Sega also tried making 3D glasses a hit, but the price on the glasses were too much and was very limited to the games that were compatible, thus there was no success in that idea either. Soon Nintendo would be the new power house in the game industry. Though Nintendo didn’t stay on top forever, they soon began to sink and Sega aimed to use this time to strike back. They built a new console based the System 16 while maintaining backwards compatibility with previous systems, and after a plethora of names they called this system the Mega Drive. Though the system immediately failed.

Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros 3 had Just released a week earlier and most everyone was too focused with that. One important problem that changed Sega was the video game crash of ’83. The sales of arcade games had a recession of their own. Sega, one of the two arcade giants, would then turn to the home market to continue their business, rivaling the other arcade giant, Nintendo who did the same thing. How did the world of gaming change as the result of it? What can we learn from this? How would things have been without it? Quiz Questions 1 . Where did the name SEGA Enterprises originate from?


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