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IMC Proposal: Second Cup Second cup was seen a popular coffee house for many Canadians, focusing on a comfortable and warm atmosphere for its customers to socialize with friends or catch up on some work. Known as one of the higher class coffee houses, Second Cup offers many specialty beverages and sweet treats, in addition to Wi-Fi access in all of their franchises. The purpose of selecting Second Cup for the IMC is because they have to some extent ‘dropped off the map’.

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This coffee house has for the most part been pushed aside, while Starbucks, Tim Horton’s and Timothy’s seem to prevail. In 2004, Second Cup created and Income fund, which was a way to generate more cash, however this put a huge hold on expanding the business in any way (Strauss, 2010). As a result of this, Second Cup has fallen behind the competitors and perhaps in some cases, been completely forgotten. By preparing an IMC for Second Cup we can focus on where they went wrong and what we can do, marketing wise, to get Second Cup back on top.

The category that Second Cup falls into is the Beverage industry, which is sectioned off into the Tea and Coffee industry. Tea and coffee account for about 12% and 16% of the sales of beverages in Canada in 2008, respectively. The market for tea and coffee was approximately $1. 5 billion in 2008 (Agriculture and Agri-foods Canada, 2010). Some of the environmental influences affecting the market include waste reduction policies (paper cups) and International trade agreements when it comes to trading coffee over seas.

Some of the key competitors in the Coffee and Tea industry are Starbucks, focusing on their specialty and personalized beverages, Timothy’s, who are trying to make themselves more known in the market, Tim Horton’s, which focuses on providing great coffee for Canadians, and Second Cup, which is focusing on their ‘Canadian’ specialty coffees in a comfortable environment. I think that second cup has some areas to improve on their current communication efforts.

To start they should have a better set of sale promotions. For example, Tim Horton’s operates the Roll up the Rim to Win contest during certain times of the year. Whereby each cup purchased has a chance to win a prize and everyone knows about it. Although when it comes to Second Cup, nothing comes to mind of sale promotions that they give out. In Second Cup’s commercial ‘Good Luck Little Bean’ (http://www. youtube. com/watch? =B_fWj3CT5xU) they don’t make a direct connection saying that the little bean in the commercial is actually used for Second Cup’s coffee, which may be misleading advertising for some views because sometimes ads can mislead the public. There have also been billboards of Second Cup’s advertising and they were advertising their cold and frozen drinks. Second Cup should have decided to advertise something else because due to competitor influences, advertising their frozen drinks will not work as well on consumers because that has been known to be Starbucks’ specialty.


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