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Science fiction BY Pbhattl 23456 Scientifiction: “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility’ Going back to the past or even travelling into the future using time travel to alter one’s present might be a thing in science fiction movies or books today but it is not an impossible thing to do sometime in the future. Ten years or two hundred years who knows but it will be a part of our lives. Scientifiction might be unrealistic in terms of the technology or mythical/supernatural characters used in them but it is not Just another fictional tale.

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Scientifiction not only gives inspiration to inventors and innovators, but also warns them about the dangers that might come upon the world due to the new invention/innovation. This insight raises the big question, “Where should we draw the line while exploring a topic or technology? ” Snapping your fingers and having fire or waving your wand and having ready food was considered science fiction several years ago. But today we can do these things easily; not literally but we can flip a switch to turn on heat, press a button on the microwave and have food, and urn on the tap and have clean water.

Scientifiction doesn’t really give us new inventions and technology but they do give us new ideas or insight to things that could be possible with technological development and by exploring new fields. Today we have motorized vehicles, airplanes, and even spaceshuttles which were inspired in one way or the other from science fiction several years ago. Going to the moon and taking pictures of distant planets as well as galaxies were also possible due to the inspiration that scientists, engineers, and inventors got from science fiction books nd movies.

Despite of the many benefits achieved from the development of technology, there are many problems or negative effects due to the newly developed technology. For example, cars are very useful to travel from one place to another but we are also polluting the environment due to the harmful gasses which are released into the atmosphere as a byproduct of combustion. Before people used to walk miles and mile to get some work done but today we feel lazy to even turn on the television without the remote control.

Obesity and illnesses due to obesity are rising rapidly in individuals at a very young age. Today we depend on machines more than our instincts. Many of us also do not know how to cook food due to readily available frozen foods. Scientifiction movies and books inspire us for new inventions but also warn us about the dangers of these developments. In the science fiction story, “The Ape Cycle” by Clare Winger Harris, one of the apes says, “Our plan must be kept from men as long as they seem to be our masters. even they must not know that they are ot until the time comes to kill them all. (Harris,331) The author is trying to warn us that our inventions could even cause the end of mankind if we do not think about what we are creating. It also suggests that we should not only look at the short term benefit but also look at the long term dangers. Scientifiction gives inspiration to inventors and innovators as well as warns them about the dangers due to the new invention/innovation. It makes us think about the many important questions like, “Where should we draw the line? ” “Are we really helping the society? “


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