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schopenhauer’s claim BY JleW13 Schopenhauer’s Claim Schopenhauer’s claim tells us that reading books all the time could narrow the mind, and that experiencing things hands on will take you further in life. He also talks about how people are into the news and all in other people’s lives. He saying that tells me that we should not worry about other things going on in other people lives, but in your own life, which would lead us to act more independently. Experience is key, and if you experience things in a more physical way, we will know how to handle hings better and take on challenges head on.

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That’s why I agree with what Schopenhauer has said. One thing that Schopenhauer has said, embraces that we shouldn’t worry about the lives of other people and that it distracts us from our own lives. I think this being said, should show people that we shouldn’t wrap ourselves around news and media like what people are doing now a days. I think that Schopenhauer felt that we should think we should think by ourselves and not on others. He states that “when a man hinks for himself he follows his own impulse, which either his external surrounding or some kind of recollection has determined the moment. He is showing us that we need to think on our own, be our own leaders, and not be followers. That why I think reading books takes the realism out because you caught up in this fantasy or someone else life you’re not thinking about your own life. Schopenhauer also states the “The difference between the effect that thinking for oneself and that reading has on the mind is incredibly great. ” This shows us how we should be our own person nd think on our own and that we would get further in life by doing that.

Another part of his Schopenhauer’s claim that I fully agree on, is experience. I think you should experience things in a more physical type of meaning. You’re not getting anything out of life if you’re keeping your nose inside a book all the time. Don’t get me wrong reading is very beneficial and you should read, you can learn a lot out of reading, but what Schopenhauer said about how if you don’t think a person will pick up a book for his spare time. He states that “this why much reading robs the ind of elasticity; it is like keeping a spring under a continuous, heavy weight.

If a man does not want to think, the safest plan is to take a book directly he has a spare moment. ” That’s why I think experience is the most important thing in your life because you learn off it and you use what you have learned in the future. Experience is when you didn’t get what you wanted and experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer (Randy Pausch). It is that experience is key in everyone’s life, we all have experienced something that we all going to keep hold on too.

That’s why I think Schopenhauer was right when he said that reading narrows the mind. We should get out in society go through trials and tribulations, instead of living your life in fantasy world. That’s why I agree with Schopenhauer’s claim. I think that it’s best go through things in a more physical way, instead of handling things and learning thing inside of a book. Also that I feel that you would go further in life and learn more through experience when you are out there in the tleld There’s nothing I think I could learn fully get of a book than experience it myself.


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