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Sampling design and technique our group decided to use a questionare because it is the easiest and most convenient way to survey the large number ofstudents. The questionare consists of 10 questions that asks about allowances and what they think about it . We chose 198 random students of the 545 4rth year students in san beda college alabang as the contestants of our our well-thought questions we made for them. ince the seniors are the older students of the school, they are more mature with ages ranging from 5-18 meaning they have a higher chance of answering the questions properly making our work easier and reducing sampling errors . when we survey we make sure we only give the questionares to seniors , to make shure, we will first ask or check their I. D. color to identify their official year level in order not to make misunderstandings since this thesis is specifically made to gain knowledge on the seniors allowances only which means if a Junior comes answering our questionare our thesis would not be accurate .

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We will survey anywhere in school to lessen our ime giving questionares ,but preferably somewhere where there are tables and chairs like ERV, whoopee ,fior , classrooms or even the library so that students could answer properly and seriously to increase the accuracy of our thesis. We will be surveying for 2-3 days and 1 if we are lucky.. Sampling Design In our study, we decide to use questionnaire as research design as it can involves large sample size and portion of students. Questionnaire is very cost effective, objective and easy to analyse.

The questionnaire consists of 10 questions and takes bout 5 minutes to complete. It will be assigned to 50 business studies students across the college. The questionnaire are planned to identify the perception of TARC student on the co-curricular activities on academic performance. These students are at the age of 18 to 23 years old. These groups of students are involving in co- curricular activities and some of them even involved in co-curricular activities before. They have higher maturity level and this can ensure the validity of the date we obtained and reduced random sampling error.

Thus, we can identify the type of co- curricular activities of students and examine their perception through this group of students effectively. The sampling design we chosen is convenience sampling. It is a type of non- probability techniques. The reason we choose convenience sampling because it is fast, easy, convenience and the respondents are easy to obtain. To obtain the date, we decide to distribute questionnaire at canteen and library. We choose canteen 2 and canteen 1 as there are the places where most of the students ill go and gather for meals or chit-chatting.

Moreover, the respondents can have place to answer the questionnaire comfortably. This is important so that they take and answer the questionnaire seriously, sincerely and honestly. Secondly, we will distribute questionnaire at the block of School of Business Studies office. Since our research’s target population is business studies students, SBS office is a suitable location for us to carry out research as there are most business studies students will double confirm by asking them about their course.


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