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Sample Questions on Management

SOM 306 Sample Midterm Questions 1 . Operations management is the business function that plans, coordinates, and controls the resources needed to produce a company’s a. Services and information b. Information and financial statements c. Financial statements and products d. Products and information e. Products and services 2. What is the Hawthorne effect? a. Workers responding to the attention they are given b. Stop watch time studies leading to time standards c. The use of quantitative methods for solving management problems f interchangeable parts e.

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More lighting increases pproduactivity d. The use 3. Which of the following is not considered one of the four broad categories of competitive priorities? a. Technology b. Cost c. Quality d. Flexibility e. Time 4. Suppose that in week 1 a company produced 1000 units using 60 labor hours. which of the following values in week 2 would labor pproduactivity decrease? = 2000, hours = 120 b. Units = 1500, hours c. Units = 1000, hours d. Units = 500, hours = 2000, hours = 100 For a. Units e. Units = 95 = 58 = 30 . I ne ease witn wnlcn a.

Manufacturability b. Repeatability tne proa uct can De mace Is Its c. Readiness for manufacturing d. Reliability e. Accountability 6. Buying a competitor’s new product and studying its design features by disassembling it and analyzing its parts and features is a. Reengineering b. Disaggregation c. Redesign d. Benchmarking e. Reverse engineering 7. Birdie Par owns a company that makes golf gloves. She is thinking about introducing a new glove, which would require an additional fixed cost of $20,000 per ear.

The variable costs for the new glove have been estimated to be $5 per glove. If she sells the new glove for $15, how many must she sell to break even? a. 1,000 gloves b. 2,000 gloves c. 3,000 gloves d. 4,000 gloves e. 5,000 gloves 8. Employees of the organization who receive goods or services from others in the company are a. Internal customers b. Ultimate customers c. Downstream customers d. Operators e. External customers 9. Under TQM, if suppliers meet preset quality standards a. They are given a bonus b.


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