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Negative and Positive Issues on Runaway Children In the United States alone one in seven children between the ages of ten and eighteen run away from their homes. With this statistic, one million to three million children are homeless due to being a runaway child. Runaway children are kids that voluntary run away from home late at night without permission for their parents or care giver.

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The issues that causes a child to runaway is wanting to have the power over doing what they want to do without being told too, being seductive to alcohol or absence abuse, feeling of failure, fear of anger, not a great problem-solver, and does not feel loved by parent or care taker. Runaway children have three abilities on trying to succeed in running away; the ability, the willing and the opportunity, most children who gain all three are usually bold enough to run away and never return. Usually running away is an either/or kind of solution it is a product of black-and- white thinking.

As we watched the film “Imitation of Life” by Douglas Kirk, the character Sahara Jane was considered as a runaway child when she began to grow p and notice that she was mixed with white and black; although, she could not accept that she was black and also how they treated black people back in the ass’s. Sahara Jane felt that white was better; nonetheless, by her mother Annie Johnson was trying to help her understand that it is alright to be black and accepts yourself for who you are that she will love her no matter what the situation was with her being mixed.

Douglas message on runaway children was that Sahara Jane wanted to live her life as a white person because of all of the opportunities she had as being white rather than black. Runaway children is truly a big issue in this country today because children want to have the power over their lives to some extent without being over protective by their parents rules; meanwhile, a child will find freedom by running away if that what it takes for them to gain this power without thinking about the negative consequences. The political aspect of a runaway child issued two types of runaway children.

The two types are episodic and chronic runaways. The episodic runaway is someone who is running from their problems, avoiding any uniqueness, humiliation, embarrassment, behaving badly in public, and/or becoming pregnant. The chronic runaway is someone who uses running away as a power to gain control over their parent, power struggle, manipulation, and acting out. The difference between these two runaway types is due to the act of the physical aspect and the other wanting to gain power to control their own lives.

In the film Sahara Jane was an episodic runaway child because she was afraid of being notice as a black person, she knew that if any white person found out that she was not white hey would call her names; therefore, by her running away she could escape be treated as a white person to have more opportunities in life. The negative and positive issue of a runaway child is that running away is not always the right thing to do, but it might be for the right reasons or the wrong reasons; meanwhile, running away does not always solve the problem of the child it usually only makes it worse.

The social aspect of a runaway child is to teach a child why running away does not solve their own problems without asking for help, because they fear of not being palpable enough figuring things out on their own. What most parents should do is to engaged more into a child’s life to understand how they are feeling, what the child needs or wants, is there anything they can help them with; nonetheless, Just to kept questioning them to be able to open up to the parent.

In most cases children runaway because of miscommunication or no communication at all. If parent acknowledge their kids more by complimenting them on what they did well, and not always when they are doing something negative by punishing them. When a child is Ovid unconditionally the last thought in their mind is to run away, children want to be loved the most by their parents and if they do not feel that love at home then they will go and run to where they can find love to be accepted and appreciated.

Sahara Jane not only had a mother that cared and loved her with all her heart and soul, her mother actually did whatever she could to satisfy her child. Annie only wanted the best for Sahara Jane, but she never appreciated anything from her mother because all she believed was that it was Just going to make her runaway. Running away as a hill is truly a huge issue in this country society because a lot of young children runaway everyday due to the two episodic and chronic type of runaways.

A lot of kids do not know that it is truly dangerous to run away from home and how there are many consequences in running away. Sahara Jane ran away because she was embarrassed of being black which would not have gave her any opportunities to live a white life. Although, child realize that running away can only make the issue or problems that have even worse by not trying to solve them, and by keep running away from their problem causes them to want to never return.


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