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Rogers smart home monitoring

The reduce also features light and thermostat control, allowing the homeowner to turn the temperature down when they are not at home to reduce heating bills or have the lights turn on Just before they walk in the front door. Essentially, the customer can conveniently use their smartened, tablet or computer as a remote control to manage all of the security features of their home anytime, anywhere. This particular product is designed for the “traditional” upper class, dual income family; two working parents with at least one child. The ad campaign focuses particularly on targeting the mother fugue of the family who is 30-55+ years old.

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This type of woman is career-oriented, conservatively minded, university educated and technologically savvy. She is an echo-friendly woman on the go who likes to be in control, making the rules for her household. She leads a healthy lifestyle and values the safety and wellbeing of her children. In terms of geographies, this product is targeted at families in both urban and rural areas. Rogers Smart Home Monitoring taps into the trend of constantly being wirelessly connected. The target market owns smartness and tablets, use text messaging, emailing and social media sites.

One thing the campaign doesn’t address would be the convenience of bundle packages of having one single bill for your phone, internet, cable and security which I think would draw more clients for Rogers, as well as the campaign offers no incentive to have people switch over and Join to Rogers for example, a free installation service. Rogers used radio and television commercials, outdoor signage and their website to promote this particular ad campaign. The company has targeted existing customers as well as consumers who already have home security systems.

In the different ads, Rogers makes it clear that you can easily switch from your old security system to Smart Home Monitoring. The commercials also focus a lot on the product’s dual protection of using both cable and wireless network connections. This feature is exclusive to Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, making the product even more attractive to homeowners. The product is available to order over the phone, ranging from the cost of $19. 99 for the basic package to $49. 99 for the full package, including all the bells and whistles. Identifies and addresses the target market.

The slogan for the campaign is “Now lull know’ which automatically instills peace of mind to the busy, family orientated consumer. One thing that the campaign does not address is the convenience of bundle packaging. Having one single bill for your phone, internet, cable and now security system could be an added perk for customers and I think it could have been worth focusing on. Overall, Rogers has covered every base by effectively using of all the different media outlets to promote their campaign. The commercials are thorough, informative and properly address the individual needs and concerns of the consumer.


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