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Rise of the Global Corporation

RISE OF THE GLOBAL CORPORATION CHAPTER 1 CASE STUDY 1-7 DEVELOPED BY:- ABHIJEET SHARMA(191062) A corporation that operates in countries all around the world is known as a global corporation. In a global corporation the parent company treats each national contingent as part of an integrated market. This means that many divisions exist within the global corporation that act as autonomous units when conducting business in their specific regions.

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Founded in1976, by Sunil Bharti, Bharti has grown from a manufacturer of bicycle parts to one of the largest and most respected business groups in India. Bharti started its telecom services business by launching mobile services in Delhi (India) in 1995. But it realized then that in order to remain competitive it needed to expand globally. Since then there has been no looking back and Bharti Airtel, the group’s flagship company, has emerged as one of the top telecom companies in the world and is amongst the top five wireless operators in the world.

Through its global telecom operations Bharti group has presence in 21 countries across Asia, Africa and Europe – India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Jersey, Guernsey, Seychelles, Burkina Faso, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda< and Zambia. GLOBAL CORPORATIONS IN 2007 COMPANY| COUNTRY| TOTAL SALES (MILLIONS OF DOLLARS)| FOREIGN SALES(%)| FOREIGN ASSETS (%)| TRANSNATIONALITY INDEX| Schlumberger| United States| 14,309| 72. 3| 63. 51| 68. 5| Halliburton| United States| 21007| 73. 02| 43. 61| 58. 32| Aker| Norway| 9172. 6| 68. 65| 63. 45| 66. 05| Weatherford International| United States| 4333. 2| 62. 86| 53. 47| 58. 16| Transocean| United States| 2891. 7| 77. 60| 42. 43| 60. 02| Transnationality Index calculated as average of two ratios:- foreign sales to total sales, foreign assets to total assets References: 1) World Investment Report 2007 2) UNCTAD/ERASMUS University Database 3) http://www. bharti. com/home. html


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