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Restrictive and Non Restrictive

Restrictive and Non-Restrictive Phrases Indicate whether the highlighted phrase is a Restrictive Phrase or a Non-Restrictive Phrase by writing “RPR” or “NOR” on your paper. 1. Emily Bronze’s novel Withering Heights, which I read in my Victorian novels class this semester, is a classic. -nor 2. I am Jealous of the guy in my neighborhood who drives a 1969 Chevy Camera. -RPR 3. Methods of Teaching English, which is my favorite class this semester meets, on Tuesday nights. -nor 4.

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I had the answer that made the most sense. RPR 5. He reads and studies maps for fun, which is no exaggeration. -nor 6. The watch, which had been in her family for over sixty years, was stolen. – nor 7. The editorial that appeared in today’s newspaper angered many readers. -RPR 8. Jasmine’s kite, which was blue and green, was flying high in the sky. -nor 9. The dog that is eating the couch cushions is not mine. -RPR 10. Last weekend’s party, which I attended, was incredibly dull. nor If the sentence below is correctly punctuated, write “correct” on your paper. If it is incorrect, re-write it with the correct punctuation. 1. Paul McCarty former Beetles bassist and vocalist has cut a new single with Foe Fighters drummer Dave Growl. 2. Bill Clinton who was the former President cheated on his wife. 3. Former President Bill Clinton spoke in support of President Barack Obama. 4. The on-screen kiss that I like the best is the one at the end of the movie Clueless. 5.

The piece of chocolate cake which probably has a million calories in it as delicious. 6. My favorite place to ski is Snow Basin in Utah which is one of the least crowded resorts. 7. The guy that my old roommate married is boring. 8. Franz Kafka widely regarded as one of the masters of the short story spent most of his life working in an insurance office. 9. I love the weather which has been so nice lately in Arizona. 10. My graduation from Arizona State University this August, which I am extremely elated about, has been hard earned.


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