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Spending time with Family Video games Sports -soccer -tennis Listening to music Traveling Computer Spending time with Friends Possible research areas: Building a computer Finding out more about family Researching specifically on a particular sport Researching specifically on a video game Researching specifically on a music band or particular artist Planning a travel guide Planning a good diet How to play tennis Questions I might want answered: What are the positives and negatives of being Vietnamese?

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Why did my parents move to Australia? What were my parent’s childhoods like? – What they did What school was like What is happening with the RI 8+ video games concept? How to build a computer based for either gaming or school work? What is included in a healthy diet? Possible Research Questions Possible Formats What are the positives and negatives of being a Vietnamese born Australian? Socially How do you build a computer based for gaming? What do you eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Informative Essay Powering Oral presentation Possible Research Methods Interview parents Interview friends and cousins from the same culture Research parents backgrounds and childhood Research what happened in Vietnam during their childhood

Conduct surveys using survey monkey Read books such as ‘The Happiest Refugee’ by Ann. Do Watch documentaries – ‘Once upon a time in Cabaret’ Research using search engines carefully Ethical and Safety Considerations Ensure copyright laws are followed on books and videos researched – I will be really cautious of plagiarism Consider interview questions closely as they may be personal Be thankful and respectful to people that I interview STAGE 2 Refinements FINAL Research Title Vietnamese Parents Research Question Format In what ways has my parent’s Vietnamese childhoods impacted their parenting style? Chosen Capability (why and how)

Communication capability as It best reflects my chosen topic I am aiming to improve my communication skills I will speak with my parents to gather information I will speak with my friends and cousins to compare the differences The relationship and cultural practice I will be conducting lots of interviews Topic Summary I will interview my parents mainly in order to answer the proposed research question. I believe that it will bring the family even closer and help me to understand certain things such as why my parents say no to certain things. Research Processes (Detail the steps you will be taking in your research)

Interview my parents and gather all the information I may need Research information about the Vietnam War on the War commemoration website Research articles of the Vietnam War using search engine ‘Google’ Read the book ‘The Happiest Refugee’ by Ann. Do to examine his upbringing Watch a documentary on ‘Once upon a time in Cabaret’ Conducting a survey using ‘Survey Monkey on my Vietnamese friends and cousins to compare the similarities and differences Try and find pictures of the schools where my parents attended Writing out all the ups and downs of being Vietnamese (pros and cons)


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