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Period 3 Drake’s music is largely influenced by his desire to have a committed relationship, his career, and paying respect to the rappers he honors. Drake is recent to the rap industry, and doesn’t have a typical background you would expect. Drake started his career by playing a role of, “Jimmy Brook,” on the show Degrassi. He is a rapper, singer, and actor. He continues to be a success in rap. To begin with, Drake was born on October 24, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was raised in Toronto as a wealthy child. His mother is Jewish and his Father is Black.

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Drake’s real name is Aubrey Drake Graham. Graham became famous from a classmate’s father who was an agent in the industry and got Graham on to Degrassi show in 2001 and worked as an actor till 2009 when the show ended the staff. He signed a label to Cash Money and Universal Motown Records. Drake began his music career in 2006 and sold about 6,000 mix tapes. In 2008 Drake received an unexpected call from Lil Wayne asking him to go to Houston, Texas to Join him in his tour that night which Lil Wayne is his mentor as well.

He has been writing songs since he was ten years old. (Aceshowbiz. com, p. -2) Drake wrote a song called, “Fear. ” In this song he is honoring Hov who has influence him. Fear was released in 2009 in the album, “So Far Gone. ” The Record label for this album is Young Money, Cash Money, and Universal Motown. Drake states, “That song is very reflective of where I’m at now. ” Also, he took awhile to finish writing this song because it was the opportunity to say a lot of things on his mind. In the song “Fear,” this is explaining a lot of things on Drake’s mind.

In this line of the lyrics, “But I probably will when HOV. And if my tears hold value, then I would drop ne for every single thing he showed us,” this line is saying he honors Hov and if he dies he will cry it will hurt him. “I’m tired of being subtle,” this line of the song Drake into my eyes, Please don’t be scared of me,” in this line which is part of the chorus of the song Drake is talking to someone saying don’t believe the lies and look into his eyes and don’t be scared. Furthermore, Drake wore another song called,” I Get Lonely Too,” which is very popular as well.

Drake told MTV News that in spite of the adoration of women and girls everywhere, he still gets lonely. “I’m envious of friends of mine that have great ommitted relationships. ” He also explained to MTV News that, “When people call home to check on their girl or they say, ‘I’m not going to go out tonight. I’m Just going to spend it with my girl. ‘ That hits me, man. I Just don’t have that. ” This song is in the album called, “It’s Never Enough,” which was released in 2010. In,”‘ Get Lonely Too,” Drake is explaining how he’s lonely and he doesn’t like that. “I’m sitting here alone,” saying he’s lonely. l could really get to know you take my time and show you don’t tell anybody what we do when I get lonely,” he is explaining how e could be with a girl he’s talking to a girl he wants to get to know and take his time but he wants to keep it on the down low. ” We shoulda did this already said I gotta email today kinda thought that you, forgot about me but I wana hit you back too say just like you, I get lonely too.. ,” drake is stating that he and the girl should o been talking and he got an email from the girl and thought the girl forgot about him but he and the girl both get lonely too.

Moreover, Graham also wrote a song called, “Successful,” which explains a story of a relationship he was in. Drake explained to MTV News 2009,” I was actually in a pretty dark place in my life. It was frustrating time for my family, because my Grandmother who was in her mid 90s was Just losing it. It was hard for my mother to watch. ” Trey Songz was involved in the song too he helped Drake write this song and gave him ideas as well. Drake also explained, “It says, I Just want to be successful. It’s an actual conversation that I had with Trey Songz when I felt trapped in this relationship. I told him, I really want to make this work.

I want to be successful, and I ant to feel like I’m doing everything I can to achieve that. ” This song is in the album,” So Far Gone,” which was released in 2009. The song,”Successful,” He’s explain about a relationship. “And my mother tried to runaway from home, but I left something in the car so I caught her in the driveway,” he is saying his mom was basically going thru a lot she was depressed. “Just enough to solve your problems, too much would kill ya, and when I leave, I always come back here,” he is rapping that to solve your problems but don’t go over board and when he leaves it comes back. want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes, I just wana be successful,” saying he wants a lot of stuff and he wants to be successful in life. Hence, Aubrey Drake Graham is a very interesting person and he is very unique. He is also influenced by good people and he has issues like everyone else in this world. He started from nothing and now is a very famous person. Also, he tries his best with his different life growing up with his parents divorced which did not change his life at all. His songs mostly talk about situations in life, and are obviously making an impact in the world of music.

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