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JOURNAL FOR SUCCESS (BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE PROGRAMME) NAME OF THE STUDENT: PROGRAMME: BATCH: NAME OF INSTITUTE: “Behavioural Skills: Path to Excellence” AMITY UNIVERSITY “Man’s main task in life is to give . biFth to himself, to become what he potentially is. The most important product of his effort is his own personality. ” -Erich Fromm Dear Students, In this fast-paced world, one . finds it difficult to spare time to stop and reflect on various life events.

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When this happens, it is possible that one feels that all the efforts and toil had gone in the wrong direction and one is still far away from his or her goal. The art of achieving goal lies in understanding our self, building on our strengths and overcoming weaknesses. This facilitates the process of self awareness, self acceptance and progression towards self reform. Self reform is the key to Happiness. For this purpose, self enhancement from the experiential training in Behavioural Science would facilitate self-awareness and develop better interpersonal skills to achieve professional success.

To achieve professional success, skills required are ‘personal’. This experiential learning will enable individuals to gain insight into behavioural aspects of self- overnance. The Journal for Success, as an integral part of the Behavioural Science course, is a tool for your introspection, self-exploration and self governance. It involves your own initiative to reflect on the discussions and activities during the various workshops of Behavioural Science courses.

The process of penning down personal learnings from class exercises and discussions is in itself a valuable device for self-awareness. This Journal for Success may cover following information as a self report Personal self profile at the time of Joining the course our understanding of course content. Self-rating against personal enhancement skills Difficulties and obstacles in your personal development and learning the application of the subject. ??? Experiences which -one feel. re relevant’ to your training for personal and professional enhancement (specifically during the training period) ??? Assessment of own self as an excellent -professional after the training through Self- Rating, Interventions and Self-profiling. This Journal would work as an assessment and evaluation tool for self-knowledge and would further help you develop the ability to: Inculcating the ability to accept self and others Communicate the awareness to your self and others ??? Monitor events in your life and make decisions for the present and future.

For successful completion of the Behavioural Science programme, you are required to write about your experiences and learnings from each activity & discussion during all workshops in this Journal. You are required to inculcate these learning to effect positive change in your behaviour & personality. Your Personal Journal will be reviewed at the end of each semester till the completion of the Programme. Self Assessment, Self Analysis, Synthesis, Focus, Exploration,

Honest Expression, Initiative and Consistency are some elements that will help you to maintain this Personal Journal and enhance Behavioural Skills for success in life. Wishing you a great insightful learning experience…! Prof. Abha Singh 11 . Director, Amity Institute of Psychology and. Allied Sciences “The unaware life is not worth living”. -Socrates “JOURNAL FOR SUCCESS” 1. PERSONAL INFORMATION: NAME COURSE: ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATION 2. FAMILY INFORMATION: FAMIL Y MEMBERS OCCUP ATION 3. DRAW YOUR FAMILY: (You may attach another sheet, if required) try Level)


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