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Quality Education in the Philippines

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION A. Overview What is good quality education? What is the use of this to our daily lives? What will the effects be on our future? These are but just a few questions that run through our mind when we think of what education is. Education, for many, is the forefront in building our future; it gives us the power of knowledge that helps us cope up with the different steps in our lives. Some think of it as a mere process to gain access to monetary security and better life, but this is not mere education should be. It is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and lays a foundation for sustained economic growth. ” (2008) In my own words, education is merely a step to make us grow in all aspects of life, but useless without the proper guidance provided by the teachers and administrators and the given teaching aids used today. Good Quality education is a given name to those that have the complete or necessary requirements in having a good atmosphere for learning and proper growth.

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Schools should have the goal to achieve this good quality education and garner more merits and more students. They should teach them by teaching them sing the new and effective methods rather than what we see in the old days. Education is not necessarily good at first, it takes years of service and practice to achieve this kind of excellence just as UST surpassed other institutions in this field. The effects of this kind of education can be seen through their fine work on students and the respect and love that they give on each one. It is through this kind of education that spawns great men of the past.

This will lead us to more lucrative jobs and better lives. This will determine our fate in this cruel world. “Education makes man a right thinker. It tells man how to think and how to make decision” Khan (2008). Teachers are the drivers of this future that we want. We can see their fruits of labor on the people that they have produced. One such example is Jose Rizal; he did not like the quality of education in the Philippines that is why he went abroad. He garnered intellectual fame through his wit and possession of good quality education.

So now I ask you, is education really only for those who want the finer things in life or is it also about the knowledge that we receive? This will now depend on the basis of our foundation as human people. I believe that to attain good quality education: we must push through the very thought of money and consider the power of knowledge, for if there is n power, then there will certainly be no knowledge. ”The modern world in which we live is often termed a “knowledge society”; education and information have become production factors potentially more valuable than labor and capital” (2008).

B. Research Aims This paper aims to: 1. discuss the reasons why we are lacking in teachers 2. discuss the similarity and difference of public from private schools 3. discuss the difference of a normal college program from a ladderized program 4. discuss ways on how to promote values, peace, and order inside the classroom 5. discuss how to make the class active through proper motivation C. Research Questions The proponent intends to provide answers to the following questions: 1.

Why are we lacking in teachers? 2. What are the similarities of public and private schools? 3. What are the differences of public and private schools? 4. How to promote effectively values, peace, and order inside a classroom? 5. How is motivation a key to having an active class? 6. What is a Ladderized program? 7. What is its difference with the normal college educational program? CHAPTER 2 METHODS A. Principle/s of Organization Cause and effect Is a form of analysis that examines the causes and consequences of events and ideas.

An organizational structure of text in which there is a description of events and their causes or consequences. Explanation: The author used the principle of cause and effect to give out reasons on why promoting values and motivating students will increase their perception in studying. The author also wants to express the possible effects if the teachers and parents will help in enhancing the skill of the child in his/ her aspect. Comparison and Contrast An organizational structure of text in which a description of similarities and differences among two or more things occurs.

Explanation: The author used the principle of comparison and contrast to differentiate the two Philippine college educational programs which are the normal and the ladderized program. By giving their differences and similarities the author achieved part of his paper which is to differentiate the two educational systems. B. Conceptual Framework Explanation: The author shows in this simple diagram what he points out on this paper. These topics will be discussed in this paper. The origination and development of the Philippine education system since many do not know where it began.

The differences between the two modern programs, the normal and the ladderized because some students are confused on the two programs since the ladderized program was just adapted by the Philippines on the year 2006. Motivating students can lead to many effects according to (Calderon, 1998) there are several definitions of motivation but they all amount to the arousal of interests that directs the learning towards a goal. ” The transformation of students takes place in school since it is where a student mainly spends his time.

This paper will discuss these topics to answer the questions given and to achieve the aim to discuss the quality education in the Philippines. CHAPTER 3 RELATED READINGS Start of Education in the Philippines When did it start? When was it developed? These are but a few of the question that run into one’s mind. It all started in ancient Philippines. The start of education was the use of Alibata, or otherwise known as the Tagalog script. The Pre-Spanish Philippine era already started with Education in writing in which resulted to the development of the Alibata.

This writing system was used by the ancient Filipinos in order to communicate with each other. When the Spaniards first set foot on the Philippine Island they saw that the use of the Tagalog script was their main form of communication and that the use of bamboo as papers and knives or styli as a pen or pencil. When the Spaniards conquered Philippines the writing system of Alibata was replaced by formal education system in Universities run by Spanish priests. Though until now in some parts of our country that the writing system of Alibata is still being used.

Modern Philippine Education Today our education has two programs offered a normal school program which is a straight education from elementary to college and another one is the ladderized program in which in college you will two years in technical and vocational schools and another one to three years(depending on your choice of course) as your college program. Ladderized program helps to ease the students in getting a college diploma that according to (Syjuco)” You start with tech-voc modules and thereafter will require much less college courses to earn a college diploma. In a normal educational program you will start from elementary to high school covering about twelve years and then taking up a course of your choice which will take about four-five years straight. The difference between them is that in a ladderized program you will need to have a two year technical vocational educational course before you can go to college to finish your chosen course while in a normal educational program you will just have to finish a four or five year course straight. Importance of Teachers

Today many of our schools are lacking of highly capable teachers, since most prefer to go abroad and continue their profession in other countries as a result we lack in instructors that can guide students to the right path. Many of today’s students choose education as a last choice of course for some say that it only has a low pay, but we only look at education in the technical or in the monetary side why not look at a different side? Our teachers are the ones responsible to help the parents of their students guide them to be a well educated and highly respectable citizen.

However, if a student becomes successful but does not have any values at all then his success means nothing if he or she cannot promote values. Our teachers play this important role in a child’s life so if a school lacks its teachers then a student cannot be properly taught then he or she cannot gain any success. These are but a few effects that are happening due to our lack of teachers. So we can see that teachers have the most important job of all which is to prepare them for the challenges of life.

According to Manapat (2008), “Whenever they hear one of their students achieve something, they always feel that they are part of it. ” Schools as Centers for Transformation Our education is slowly decreasing in its quality why? It is because of one simple reason, corruption. Our government has already planned a large amount for education but since some officials are corrupt that a big part of the money needed is inside their pockets. Now our schools are responsible to help the country to prevent these situations. Students are taught with values that will help them in future life.

According to (Clemente, 1996), “Schools can be the vehicle for the peaceful revolution to bring about a better Philippines. ” Our schools should be promoting peace and order to their campuses and help in stopping the hindrances for the students to learn and be active. Hindrances like unrecognized organizations, vices, and the likes are disadvantageous to a child’s learning for it may help in promoting the wrong values. A result of these may occur in the future wherein the child becomes a worker or an adult and due to his wrong values that he may not at all succeed in life.

Every teacher always say that no matter how much you have forgotten the lessons taught it is fine but forgetting the values learned is not acceptable. Values learned at school are what make a person who he or she is. Everyday our teachers are preparing lesson plans so when they discuss they can also relate it to real life situations and explain the values that can be learned through it. According to Manapat (2008), “Knowledge or intelligence is second than spirituality, one cannot be very intelligent and yet have lost track of his/ her spirit. Promoting discipline into a child can help change its behavior in class, at school and even anywhere else. According to Manapat (2008), “A disciplined student can face the challenges of life and succeed. ” Student Motivation A student whenever achieves anything a teacher will always be a part of it. Teachers should never discourage their students in having an interest in extraordinary things, for this may be an opportunity for the child to excel in this aspect. A parent should also not discourage their child in having a crush or entering a relationship since this is where their child gets their inspiration.

A teacher also needs an inspiration for teaching is not a very easy job. A teacher can help the parent of their student to develop the child into a responsible adult through proper motivation. According to Manapat (2008), “The students need to inspire their teachers because teachers also need to know whether or not they are able to give them quality education through their teaching. ” Motivating a student can help him/ her to develop in a certain aspect and also motivating the teacher can help to give more meaningful discussions.

A possible example of this would be if the student achieves success in sports a teacher should credit their student’s success since it can help the student to excel more on sports and possibly become a professional athlete in the future. So if both the teachers and the parents would cooperate the child can develop its potential and may become successful in life. Public and Private Schools Public Schools differ in size of school, teaching, uniform, facilities and others. During the old times they say that public schools are better than private schools that according to Cruz (2007) “All the bright students went o public schools. Why a private school when the public school was free and had a better reputation? Those in private schools went there by force of circumstance. ” Today, private schools are better than public schools since they are more advanced in curriculum than in public schools. Both public and private schools are doing their own way to give their students the quality education they deserve. This is through the PAASCU accreditation. If a school passes the accreditation they will be given levels of which level 1 being the first and level four being the highest.

According to PAASCU (2008) “PAASCU judges an institution not by comparison with other institutions but primarily by the degree to which each institution’s own avowed purposes are matched by actual practice in the various areas being evaluated. ” Public and private schools only differ in their physical appearances but in same in their goals and objectives both for the school and the student. CHAPTER 4 PROPOSITIONS These are the statements that the author has learned throughout his research work. These came from the author and not elsewhere.

These are the facts based from his interview, materials, readings and sources: Proposition 1: Discipline is key to success. Discipline is key to a man’s success because no man can face challenges if he is not disciplined. If he will be disciplined then he can make his own way into his success. He can choose what will be best for him. According to Manapat (2008), “Disciplined students can face the challenges of life. ” Proposition 2: We always need to connect God and knowledge. According to Manapat (2008), “We can never be knowledgeable and yet we lost track of our spiritual life”.

God created everything and we owe Him our knowledge. God is the one who guides us in our life and helps us in gaining new knowledge. Proposition 3: Teachers are always part of our success. We must always remember that if not for the teachings of our dear mentors then we would not have achieved success in life. Teachers have become a part of our lives since they patiently taught us the values that we learn. We make a special connection with them not only as our teachers but also as our friend in life. Proposition 4: Teachers also need the inspiration of their students.

If teachers see their students having high marks then they are motivated to work. Teachers improve their style of teaching based on their students’ capabilities. They can give their students their best performance if they know that they are motivated to gain new knowledge. Proposition 5: A teacher won’t give up their job no matter how hard it may be. A teacher will never give up their love for teaching. Our teachers will patiently guide us even if we are a slow learner until we got our momentum at studying. They are with us from the beginning up to the end.

Proposition 6: There are no challenges that are hard if we are guided by God and we are disciplined. Challenges are part of life but if we are disciplined, we can always face them. Discipline helps us to be prepared in facing life’s challenges. If God guides us then we can make the right decisions that can help us develop our life. Proposition 7: Years of experience can help a teacher in giving a quality education. Every year as we progress in life, our knowledge also increases. Teachers who have years of experience can help their students in developing techniques in solving problems.

They can use their experiences in their approach to the students in tackling the lesson. Proposition 8: Motivated students can perform differently than others. Students who are motivated can perform better in class. A student can achieve more in life through motivation. Through this that they can excel and be disciplined in their studies therefore helping them prepare for their future life. Proposition 9: Philippines lack highly capable teachers. Our country is having a hard time in adapting and coping up with the educational system of the other countries why?

It is simply because we lack the teachers who are capable of giving quality education. Many students who are scholars after finishing college, they will go to other countries and practice their profession there and not serve the Philippines. According to Salamat (2006), “With their low wages unable to keep up with the rising cost of living, more and more teachers leave the country to get a higher pay teaching in the U. S. ” Proposition 10: Teachers and parents cooperate to help the child develop its potential. They both help us in developing our otentials through their support. It is their duty to help us grow but it is also our duty to help them help us to reach our potentials. Reaching our full potentials can help us in having our future secured. Teachers alongside with parents help each other in knowing the child’s performance. “A good parent-teacher relationship can be the difference between knowing how your child’s doing in school and knowing how he tells you he’s doing. ”(2009) Proposition 11: A peaceful and orderly environment can help a child develop his values.

A school’s environment is a very important factor in developing values. These values can help them in life, since by knowing and promoting it that one can earn respect. An environment with peace and order will be able to stop the hindrances for the students to receive their educational right. Proposition 12: Ladderized program can help a student get to college easier. A ladderized program is just having a two year technical vocational course then a two-four year course, again depending on your chosen course, as a continuation for your college.

This program has just been adapted by our country last 2006. This program also helps a student to take up college at a low tuition fee. Proposition 13: Parents guiding their children can help them get better performance. A student can perform better if they will be guided by their parents more. It is like a parent looking up for their children while they are growing. A parent should not be too confident that their child is getting enough guidance from their schools. A parent should also guide their child to help them decide on important matters and to help deepen their relationship.

According to Sanders (2008) “Increase the 1-to-1 support your child receives with personal career and education guidance to help your child sort through his/her best-fit choices. ” CHAPTER 5 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS A. Summary of Main Points The author learned through his research that major factors contribute in determining the quality of education that the Philippines give. One is the low salary of teachers that they tend to migrate to other countries to get better payment. Teachers should be given higher wages since they have the most important job of all which is to guide and help the students in their life.

Another is the school environment if the environment of the school is inappropriate then it will greatly affect the performance of the student. Students will never grow in their studies or will never be molded into their true potential. This is due to their school’s environment; if it is not suitable in learning then the students will not be able to learn what they will need to use in their lives. Students are having difficulties choosing the right school since they will have to choose the standards, the environment, and other criteria.

The country’s educational system is giving students two choices in college; one is to continue in their normal college program or to be in a ladderized program. Being in a ladderized program makes a student enter into a two year technical vocational course then one to three years, which will depend on your course, will be your final college degree. The students need to be guided to know their preferences because knowing their preference can help them grow in their chosen career. The students need to be motivated not only by their teachers but also their parents since they can be able to perform better.

Students are not the only one who needs to be inspired and motivated, teachers also need to be inspired and motivated so that they can also perform their best in their class. Students will be receiving more quality lessons if teachers are at their best. Private schools are not the only ones who should give their students quality education. Even in a public school, teachers should be giving their students high standards in teaching. Students can always perform better if they are motivated, guided, and given their lessons accurately. B. Recommendation After series of research the proponent recommends, . Higher salary of teachers. Teachers should also be given importance for they have the hardest job of all. They leave our country because they believe that they can get more money so the students in other countries can receive the quality education that should have been given to students in our country. Teachers are working not only because it is their job but it is their life. 2. Motivate students to perform better. Students’ performances are judged by their grades, activities, and other co-curricular activities. They perform their best when they are inspired and reaching a goal.

They need to be guided by their teachers and parents so they will know how to transfer their motivation positively and in a way that it can help them to perform better in class. 3. Have a clear connection with the teacher of your child. Parents having a clear connection or relating with their child’s teachers and guidance counselors can help them know on how their child’s saying they are performing than what their teachers are saying. Co-relating with your child’s teachers and guidance counselors can help inform you of what your child’s behavior is while at school. . Giving discipline to students can help them in life. Discipline is one major key to success. It is through this that they can concentrate more and focus more on their goals and therefore achieving it. A disciplined student is different from a student who does nothing. A disciplined student performs better in class and other activities because he can focus but a student who does nothing can reach nothing. 5. Schools should fix their facilities and environment. A student can focus more on his studies if his environment is suitable for learning.

The school’s environment and facilities plays a major role in the quality of education that they can give. Since it can help the students to do better in class and to use the different facilities to gather knowledge and learn. BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www. gov. ph/news/default. asp? i=15637 (January 27, 2009) www. alibata. ph (January 27, 2009) http://web. worldbank. org/WBSITE/EXTERNAL/TOPICS/EXTEDUCATION/0,,menuPK:282391~pagePK:149018~piPK:149093~theSitePK:282386,00. html (February 15, 2009) Clemente, A. (1996). Philippines Into the 21st Century: Quezon City: Valeria Publishing House www. alrisala. rg/Articles/mailing_list/importance_of_education. html (February 10, 2009) Cruz, Neal. “Public schools used to be better than private schools” Philippine Daily Inquirer. February 4, 2007 Meinardus, Ronald. “The Crisis of Philippine Education in the Philippines” Business World Internet Edition. June 30, 2003 Calderon, Jose. Foundations of Education: Manila, Philippines: Rex Printing Company ———————– Student Transformation Development Origination Student Motivation Inspiration Moral Support Values Peace and order Ladderized Normal Educational Programs Philippine Education Skill Enhancement


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