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The case ‘Qantas Airlines: Twitter nosedive’ talks about troubles that the airline faced in the past years. Recently the company made a social media faux pas announcing a twitter contest omitting the bad situation the company is in at the moment. For the dissatisfied customers it was a great opportunity to express their opinion in public. The unsuccessful contest brought a lot of attention, but not in the way Qantas would wish for. The negative opinion was spread and so the public image of the company was damaged.

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The negative comments came from the fact that the company was uffering from problems with technical condition of aircrafts and problems concerning reaching an agreement with work unions that leads to strikes and finally grounding the fleet for a few days. Now the company has to face the problems of negative image. First of all Olivia Wirth should change the crew responsible for the contest and public relations. They should for sure wait with the contest until the situation is stable. They were not monitoring the statements.

They did not the research that their company had poor image when the contest has begun. Now we cannot change the past but in he future each decision should be thought through twice. They should finish the contest as quickly as possible. They have to pick the winner but try not making it loud so the whole thing would quiet down fast. If they decide to use social media communication in the future they should make people instead of robots responsible for what is appearing there. The company should focus on improving the communication with public with social media.

Hiring professional stuff or outsourcing would be a good option. 1 . Timing Staring from now for the next month. 2. Audience Unsatisfied customers especially those who are active on the social media. 3. Key message We are changing for better. ‘ 4. Desire outcome Better relation with the public. Improved communication. 5. Frequency A few times a week on a several different social media channels. O. Wirth should recommend organizing fleet technical control immediately. All of the Boeings and their engines should be 100% efficient.

Then Qantas airlines should announce that flying with their airlines is completely safe and that the situations from the past will never occur again. They should introduce the new system of aircraft controls. Every quarter the fleet will be checked and the reports on their technical condition will be prepared. People should be aware of those actions Timing Starting from now such information should be released every quarter. Of course now when airlines are facing huge problems this information should be released very often. 2.

Audience All people who are willing to travel with us, Qantas should reach them through mass media and social media. Twitter, Facebook, Qantas website are the main course of communication. 3. Key message Your safety is our priority. We make sure you will be on time wherever you want. 4. Desired outcome Rising trust in flying with Qantas. We don’t want our customers to feel that we are sorry all the time but they should see that we are taking actions to improve service and cover any inconveniences. 5. Frequency At the beginning more intense and then every quarter.

Then OW should recommend to have good relations with unions and to avoid such situations in the future. If they had really good relations with those organizations they could mediate to fix tense situation before there is nothing left than to strike. Airlines should take care of the relationship between them and their employees and unions. For sure they were aware of fact that strike is coming because of the calculations made (20million per day) and they did nothing to avoid it. They should take fast action, and take responsibility for the passengers who were affected.

If they prevent those events, for sure in the future Qant. as will not loose any customers for the other airlines eg Virgin and company image will stay positive. 1. Timing Starting from now. A few release this week. All people. Qantas should use mass media such as Twitter as well as mass media to communicate. 3. Key message We are positive about the cooperation with work unions. . Desired outcome People will be confident that such strikes will not happen in the future and will be more likely to fly with Qantas. 5.

Frequency Two or three releases in the media. Main goal is to rebuild the trust Qantas lost during the contest and unfavourable events during which they have lost a lot of customers. Improved communication and technical controls of the aircrafts, which will prove good technical condition of the fleet, our customers will be more willing to travel with Qantas. In comparison to other airlines we provide standard more than adequate to the price. We hope that due to he actions we have planned to take Qantas would improve existing image. ill see that we not only want to be sorry but we are taking actions to introduce changes, changes that will make our service at the level that will encourage our lost customers to come back. After changes we would like to introduce campaign that will show Qantas as modern, safe, high quality service airlines. We would like to take as an example campaigns made by Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airlines. We would like our campaign to be huge, TV commercials but we are considering endorse a sport team or personality and in ffect more people will identify themselves with company.

Also a good idea is to create YouTube channel showing the highest-level experience travelling in our aircrafts with our brilliant team. The company should introduce something completely new to figure as a pioneer airline. Investing in new Boeing aircrafts Dreamliner and to being first airline in Australia and south East Asia who provides its service using those aircrafts, will attract new customers. It will be a great opportunity to those who would like to try new aircraft and have an unusual experience.


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