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Public Opinion Supports Gun Control

Public Opinion Supports Gun Control Stillwater, K – Brady Campaign had looked into the problem of people carrying loaded guns in public area recently. By the way, Brady Campaign had tracked solid poll which show the stability in public opinion on supporting gun control. From the tracked poll, there are solid majority American people are supporting on gun control. According to BBC News/Washington Post Poll in 16th January, people who favor to the stricter gun control laws in this country are stability stay on more than half (see chart). In 2011, majority of the people (52%) state that the gun control laws should be stricter.

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Although the percentage of supporting gun control dropped from 2007 to 2009 (61% to 51%), the percentage had increased again in 2011 (51% to 52%). However, people who oppose to the gun control laws is lower (45%) than people who favor to the gun control laws. Also, the chart shows that people who oppose are stability lower than people who favor to the stricter of gun control laws. While people who unsure are remaining below 5%. Obviously, the argument regarding to the robber of public opinion supports gun control shows pro and con in different cases, but more of the people support that gun control should be implemented. It will feel unsafe and endanger if everyone can carry their own arm to everywhere,” Kevin, an American stated that during the survey. Although arm can use for self defend, it can increase the rate of criminal and other tragedies in the other way on too. Also, people are worrying some of the people will carry a gun to everywhere if the gun control laws are less strict. So, majority of the people in the survey are favor to the stricter of gun control laws in this country.

From the studies in “Public Attitudes Towards the Regulation of Firearms”, the report had clearly shows that data from General Social Survey and National Gun Policy Survey which supported by the poll as show as the following: • 94% of police chief agree that a Brandy criminal background check for all gun sales are needed


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