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Psychology of Criminal Minds

ISU Part III Topic: The psychology of Criminal Minds Focus of Research: Effects of abuse in early childhood How abuse affects adolescents Effects of abuse on early adulthood How abuse at younger ages triggers violence into late adulthood. Type of Primary Research: I choose to do a questionnaire because it is helpful to know what students our age know about criminal behaviors and how their minds work. Also about how much they know about the factors that affect them during their lifetimes that lead up to them being criminals. The questionnaire will be for 30-40 adults and students.

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I will ask older friends and students from Pickering High School to complete the questionnaire to base it on their prime knowledge. The questionnaire contenders will complete the survey with either straight yes or no answers or simple answers or with more of an explanatory answer including detail and listing what is asked of them. The questions will aim at how they think criminals are and how their brain works specifically within the developmental periods. The results from this questionnaire will be included in the final report and it will be compared to how much young adults know about crime and what the reality is. Sample Questions:

To what degree do you think spanking is acceptable? Do you think that spanking is a form of abuse? Do you agree that children who are aggressive and violent at childhood are most likely to become criminal offenders at adolescence and late adulthood? What in your opinion makes young children who are abused susceptible to becoming young offenders? What do you think triggers violence in criminals? Name the different types of aggression your familiar with. What in your opinion makes a person a susceptible target for criminals? Do you think that serial killers are naturally insane or are there some kind of chemical imbalances?


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