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Property Franchise Business Plan

Property Franchise Business Plan BY Joules Business Plan Presented by Pam Gilding Properties Gillian Kookier 26 August 2013 Contact Information For further information relating to this document, please contact: Company Contact Persons Table of Contents 1 Executive Summary Areas in the Cape Flats, such as Mitchell Plain, are experiencing a strong demand for homes among first time home buyers, as well as those upgrading from small to larger homes.

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In Mitchell Plain, homes sell across a broad price range from affordable REAR 000 starter homes to between REAR 000 and REAR 000, for three and four editor family homes. In the more established and elite area of Standardization, which attracts business people and professionals, we are achieving sales of three bedroom homes in the REAR 000 to REAR 000 price band. Keeping these statistics in mind, with a key focus on the Standardization area, my objective is to open a Pam Gilding Properties franchise in the Standardization area. Remolding in sales value.

These figures are from 5 different competing agencies in the Standardization area. In order for my intended business to succeed, it is clear that visibility in Standardization is crucial, not only by creating awareness, but to have actual offices. However, the capital I require is beyond my reach. The purpose of this Business Plan is to request assistance to help me realize my objective. Attached, please find a Projected Cash Flow for the next 12 months, should my application be successful. It is with much gratitude that I thank you for taking the time to read through my application.

Pam Gilding Estate Agent 0718646915 2 Pam Gilding Properties Founded in 1976, The Pam Gilding International Property Group is South Africans arrest independent residential and commercial property company. Named after its founder and Chairman Pam Gilding, the Group has over 3000 real estate professionals globally and operates in both the residential and commercial sectors, including game farms, wine farms, holiday rentals, long-term rentals, vacant land, hotels, golf estates, residential developments, auctions and offshore property investments.

It is the largest independent property services company in Southern Africa and this leadership position is even more dominant in the more elite residential property sector. 3 Purpose, Mission and Vision I find that in this business, it’s all about putting yourself out there to help buyers and sellers get through the very challenging and emotional task of either looking to buy or wanting to sell. My purpose is to make that process easier, convenient and less stressful assisting in any way possible.

My vision is to be the best I could possibly be, at what I do, within the framework and ethical guidelines required by the ABA. My mission is to be the leading real estate service provider by way of honesty, integrity and commitment. To continually improve and develop the brand in order to sustain Market Research and Competitor Analysis All my top competitors have established branches. Their branches are ideally located, making them visible where traffic is most eminent. They have more agents covering one particular area, enabling efficiency.

They only work on Sole Mandates. They don’t easily accept referrals. They require very little marketing, as their brand speaks for itself. 5 Marketing Strategy “Back to Basics” I. E. Cold canvassing, drops, show houses and “We Recommend” boards. Quarterly distribution of flyers. Active community involvement at major events. Target my “farming” area by revisiting previous clients. Special events such as Property Exhibitions. 6 Sales Targets & Strategy Achieve a minimum of 6-8 successful mandate presentations per month. Selling 2-3 properties per month.

Achieving these goals within a 12 month period. STRATEGY: The following are monthly key actions if I am to reach my sales targets. Contact sphere of influence – Visits to the doctor’s surgery, salons and barbers 3 times per week. Phone hot leads: Contact 60 possible buyers a week. Drop leaflets: 250 per week. Show buyers properties: 10-20 buyers per week Show houses: 1 per week Attached, please see annex 2 7 Operational Requirements Constantly update the total sales value and my market share in my area. Continuous weekly advertisements in the local newspaper.

Post regular ads on the internet to create awareness. Revisit previous clients. Draw monthly reports to identify effective as well as ineffective marketing strategies. Prioritize tasks and actions. Attached, please see annex 1 for a detailed report on projected cash flow for a period of 12 months. 9 Management & Risk Mitigation In order for my intended business to be organized and maintain sustainability, the allowing management principals will be taken into account and implemented accordingly: Time management – Allows you to prioritize as to what is most important.

Skills Balancing – In order to avoid negligence, it’s important to balance your skills. Flexibility – To be flexible in your schedule of priorities. Prioritize – To be able to determine the different levels of importance. Portability – Due to digital media and technology, your Job can now happen anywhere. In order to alleviate the possibility of risk, the following will be implemented: Various motivational gestures towards staff members, such as Achievement, Recognition and Advancement. To operate with honesty and integrity.

To be organized at all times. To play fair in order for the clients to know that I have their best interest at heart. 1 Conclusion In conclusion, there is definitely a strong market for another property franchise in the Standardization area, specifically, a Pam Gilding Property Franchise. Buyers are increasing rapidly and as a result of the Pam Gilding Brand, together with quality service and professionalism, my intended business will grow exponentially. Annex 1: Financial Annex 2: Marketing Annex 3: Other


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