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Procrastination and Somewhat Mental Dysfunction

Procrastination and Somewhat Mental Dysfunction BY F-redid Procrastination Our world today is bombarded with increased stress and pressures of life. This is due to the fact that science and technology has evolved into something no one has ever seen before. Thankfully, it has rewarded us with great benefits and Joy for easier and more effective living. However, it also brought with it several disadvantages that caused people to rely solely on material possessions and forget the more important things in life.

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Take for instance the development of computers and other gadgets, which has caused children, teenagers and even adults to neglect their studies and work, dedicating more time on television, Backbone and DATA rather than doing their homework’s and studying for their exams. This attitude is known as Procrastination, the habitual and intentional putting off of any work or activity. Procrastination is popular to us Filipinos as the Manama habit, or the attitude of holding back anything to a later time or day, which, as they say, is something that we inherited from the Spaniards that colonized us for more than 3 centuries.

Admittedly, we all experience this psychological dilemma at some point of our lives, most especially during our school and working years. In fact, a research showed that an estimate of about 25 to 75 percent of college students procrastinate on academic work. There are perhaps countless reasons why we, soon-to-be professionals, behave as such. One of these reasons is the stress and fatigue caused by the pressure between overloaded work and our active social lives. Second, is the lack of interest, evident in those who continually see college as a bad time of their lives.


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