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Prison rehabilitation

There are five goals of sentencing in the United States Court system, retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, rehabilitation and restoration. Each goal represents a quasi-independent sentencing philosophy and they each hold different and individual purposes. Retribution Taking revenge on a perpetrator or criminal through deserved punishment, regulated by the government to be sure the “revenge” fits the crime. Incapacitation Keeping an individual locked away and separate from the public in order to take away the ability to commit further crime.

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Deterrence Making an individual afraid to commit the crime again by threat of the same punishment or a harsher punishment. Rehabilitation Causing a change in behavior of a criminal which in turn causes them not to commit crimes. Usually done through allowing and helping them too become educated or seeking needed therapy. Restoration A type of sentencing that allows the community or victims to feel as if they are safe and have a better quality of life. I feel that the primary goals of sentencing should be restorative, incapacitation and rehabilitation.

I feel that restorative Justice helps to make a safer environment over all. For many criminal, had they been raised in safer neighborhoods, seeing crime on a regular basis, they would likely not have turned to a life of crime so easily. Incapacitation sometimes is simply necessary depending on the nature of the crime; it can also help in forcing a criminal to attend necessary classes, treatments, etc. in order to be rehabilitated. I also feel that rehabilitation is an integral part of sentencing.

Without rehabilitation, most criminals, knowing othing more than a life of crime, will continue to lad that life of crime once released from prison. I feel that many criminals, though they made the choice to commit crimes, they were not educated on the options they actually had in life. They were raised in a society that glamourized crime and taking the easy way out, they were taught by their families in some cases that crime was easier that working hard and they were left with few choices. With rehabilitation they may realize they have more options available to them in the future as oppose to crime.


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