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Preventable Accidents

John Loiterer Position Statement Preventable accidents fill up a vast majority of space of the Emergency Department (DE) in hospitals every day. Due to that fact, the National Association of Trauma Specialists (ANTS) is in the process of forming an educational program for the public about home and driving safety. I This program will help alleviate a lot of the stress and problems of having an overcrowded DE.

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The DE is meant for critical and urgent situations such as accidents and conditions that require immediate attention and Anton wait to be seen by a primary care physician during business hours that day or the next. Over 2,000 children die every single day due to accidental injuries ranging from falls, burns, car crashes, poisoning, and drowning ii Those accidents are not included with the thousands of children that are seen by emergency physicians and are saved from that horrible fate. Accidents happen, and that is Just a fact of life.

No parent can effectively supervise their child all 24 hours of all 365 days of the year. A mom leaves the room to check on something leaving the stove on and a young girl knocks a pot of boiling water off the eye resulting in severe burns. This is an actual emergency and the little girl receives immediate care. A driver does not look twice before changing lanes and demolishes a motorcyclist. He is rushed to the DE but doesn’t make it. These two accidents may seem different, but they have something important in common: they are both preventable.

ANTS is dedicated to the study of accidental deaths caused by trauma, and when he DE is overcrowded with preventable accidents and emergency visits it can complicate any of the studies that are ongoing at that time as well as deduct time from the physicians that could be saving lives in critical conditions. A program that teaches people to live safer lives and encourages regular visits to a primary care physician would reduce the number of accidents that are reported to the DE. Iii Preventable accidents are not the only issue clogging up the DE every day and night.

The poor and uninsured making frequent visits for primary care needs are another robber that ANTS recognizes and believes a program like this could help solve. All patients must receive care regardless of their ability to pay thanks to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act in 1986. Iv This is a great standard to uphold in theory, but in practice, about half of all services go uncompensated. V Emergency care does not replace a regular primary care physician, and it can actually hinder the effectiveness of the treatment due to lack of consistent care from a single caregiver. I The poor and uninsured often have this problem hen they consistently visit the DE. The term poor implies that the family falls below the poverty line, but still manages to have some coverage, usually through work. It can be very difficult for a poor family to for an emergency visit when an DE visit costs more than a month’s rent on average, and these are preventable visits more often than not. Vii The program by ANTS will help families to live safer lives to prevent injuries and DE visits that can cost thousands of dollars even with insurance. It is coverage. (Cunningham)


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