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Preparing for a offsite visit to the local park by foot

To arrange and prepare a visit to a local park with Nursery children is not as straight forward as it may sound. There are policies, guidelines and agreed principles to follow throughout the nursery in order to ensure the safety of the children but with careful planning, functional communication with other staff members/volunteers combined with co-operative working will be a good team work effort, so all children will have the maximum opportunity to experience and explore the new environment, to socialize and have fun and this would be done as followed; Staff meeting

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A staff meeting would be carried out prior the outing to discuss the aim of the park visit, ratio requirements for such outing, any circumstances that need to be considered, the policies and guidelines will be gone through and the individual Job roles of each staff member would be given out. Policy Statement All aspects of the nursery policies and procedures are kept under review and are operated in a non-discriminatory manner. Any changes to this policy will be communicated to all employees via staff meeting.

All Staff members, Parents/Careers, and Volunteers are made fully aware of the channels through which they lodge implants and appeals on all matters. Communication with parents The parents/career of the children that are taking part would be provided with a letter that contains all appropriate information about the visit in advance such as; Date of outing Place of outing Timings Asking for volunteers to Join Advice parents on the equipment needed for the trip I. E. Coats, clothing or footwear, rucksack, packed lunch etc.

Aim of outing And must give permission in writing such as signing a consent form and may be asked to give additional information about any changes of the child’s medical needs r changes in contact details , under no circumstances will a child be included in the outing without first written permission from the parent/career. It is important o keep the parents up to date about outer nurseries activities so they know about the wear abuts of their children and are able to contribute by volunteering and Joining in , this will benefit the communication between nursery staff, parents/career’s and children.

They will feel valued and equal. Managing the Ratio It is important to meet the national ratio guideline which is provided by the Department of Education and is a part of the nursery’s standard procedures. Ratio of adults to children needs to be at least 1 :6 for under 5 year olds. When away from the Nursery children are much more vulnerable and are lost easier, therefore higher ratios are recommended. When traveling with children the adult to child ratio can vary depending on size of the group, the age of the children and their behaviors and busyness of the roads . F there is a big group of children, then they would be split in two halves to make sure that the ratio requirements will be met and that all children available. The reason for these ratios is to ensure that the care and well being of ACH child is met at all times. Toilet ratios Adults that haven’t previously volunteered and that haven’t had the necessary vetting checks, will not be left alone with children or take them to the toilet unaccompanied.

For example, with a ratio of two adults to ten children one adult can supervise hygiene duties one adult can supervise safety and a head count The recommended number of toilet facilities for children under five years old- one toilet per ten children disabled children- one toilet per ten children Responsibilities During the planning for the park trip, it will be identified who will be responsible for hat. If there are parents going on the outing as volunteers, there will be an agreement made beforehand as to what their role will be regarding their own children.

All the staff members have their individual Job roles to; Staff member a: Divides the children into small groups to keep the right ratio Take the nursery mobile phone with her/him so that the group is contactable and with all necessary contact numbers. The nursery will be contacted at least once whilst out. Staff member b: Takes the E bag that is provided with: Register with all the names of the children and staff. The Accident Book The First Aid kit that is complete with all needed medication and other first aid equipment before taking it . Also a information sheet of individual children who require certain medical care whilst in the park.

Staff member c: Talk to the children in advance about the safety rules, especially regarding road safety such as crossing a road and not running of. This could be done at circle time and be built in to play. Staff member d; provides the snack bag with cups, plates, drinks, snacks and whips Staff member e; provides the changing bag with whips, hand disinfecting gel, nappy’s, whips and the hanging sheet ,also a blanket List of Names A list of names of both staff and children with all details will be left with the Nursery Manager and a separate list will be taken with the staff.

There will be a clear understanding as to where the group is going and at what time the group will be returning. Should there be a delay in returning, someone in the group must contact the designated person so that arrangements can be made for informing parents. First Aid In the planning of the park visit the First Aid equipment will be checked to make sure that it is complete and that needed medication e. G. ; inhalers, pep-pens, and individual prescribed medication is not missing plus any essential medicine required by the children and essential records, which include a contact telephone number for each child.

All children’s needs will be catered for whether cultural or due to disabilities. Medication The information sheet will be checked out on which children are on medication and bring written instructions with us for its exact administration. It will be decided in, advance, who has responsibility for giving children any medication. Risk assessment A route risk assessment is carried out by either the nursery manager or the room seed, it will indicate measures to prevent or reduce risks that could be on the way to the park and it is based on the following considerations; What are the Hazards?

Who might be affected by them? What safety measures are needed to reduce risks to an acceptable level? Can the safety measures be put in place by the group leader? Ones this is done and the Manger [Supervisor has reached the local park he/she will do an on-site risk assessment. The playground area will be evaluated for potential hazards that could cause serious or fatal injuries to the children. Health and safety issues that are identified during the risk assessment will be recorded. Evaluating Hazards. Looking out for foreign objects such as glass, nails, and pop tops that are hard to see.

Ensuring all animal feces are removed from area. Watch for hazards like loose or protruding nuts or bolts, broken parts, exposed concrete, and shallow protective surfacing that occur through the children’s regular use of equipment. If there are problems that the manager / supervisor can deal with themselves, like picking up trash, then the problem will be corrected. If there are other safety problems like broken equipment, or inadequate amount of surfacing eternal, the administrator will be contacted and it will be requested that it be fixed, or taken out of service.

In case of an emergency Absolute team work and communication is vital to follow through the instructions throughout the emergency Immediate contact must be made with the rest of the group. Assessment of the emergency and actions will be carried out. The Management will take lead professional role. Contact with the nursery will be made. Where relevant the emergency services will be contacted. Where relevant the Parents/Careers will be contacted. Where possible the rest of the group will return to the nursery maintaining staff otiose If a child goes missing Immediate contact will be made with the rest of the group.

The children will all be grouped together. The Supervisor will take lead professional role. A head count of all the children will be counted and the register called. Contact with the manager at the nursery will be made. Two members of staff will leave the rest of the group to search the surrounding area, After 10 minutes the emergency services will be contacted. Parents/Careers will be contacted as soon as the police have been contacted. All other children will be returned to the nursery. Spare staff will remain to search the area.


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