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Prenatal Program: Anthem

“Children are born each winter, but women never see their children and children never know their parents” (Rand 41). In Anthem newborns are immediately taken away from their mothers. The government does this, because they want everyone to be equal. By doing this, no one will get attached to a certain person and no one will receive more or less love than someone else. When children are born in the “Home of Infants” until they are five years old so that everyone will remain equal. We remember the Home of Infants where we lived till we were five years old, gather with all the children of the city who had been born in the same year” (Rand 20).

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They live in this very plain place full of one-hundred beds until they are five so everyone grows up in the same living arrangements. No one will have a nicer, bigger, or smaller house than the next person. No one will have nicer or more things. This is a way to make sure everyone in the society is equal. The government does this at a young age so no one will know any different, which can stop someone from rebelling. A dictatorial leader would not want the children living with their parents because f the things the child would learn from the parents.

The parents could also teach the children individuality. By being raised by different people, everyone would be different. Knowing about individuality would make it possible for someone to rebel against the government. “Gaga is pregnant with my child. Our son will be raised a man. He will be taught to say “l” and to bear the pride of it. He will be taught to walk straight and on his own feet. He will be taught reverence for his own spirit” (Rand 100). This is exactly what the government in Anthem is trying to avoid. This quote is showing that Equality is going to teach his son


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