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Practices Around Growing Mangos

Cultural practices Propagation The mango is propagated by grafting and budding on polypropylene rootstock. Planting Planting time Canary Islands: preferably in the spring but it is possible during the entire year, although winter plantings should be avoided. Andalusia: preferably in the spring, from mid-April to mid-June. Plantings at the end of summer should be avoided because vegetative development needs to be minimized before the winter rest. Planting distance Canary Islands: the most popular planting schemes are as follows.

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Keith, Lippies, Kent = mm Steen, Tommy Atkins, Gamer 1 = 5 4 m or 6 0 mm Andalusia: the most popular planting schemes are as follows. Most vigorous cultivar such as Steen and Tommy Atkins = 3 0 4 m Cultivar of medium vigor such as Kent = 2. 5 mm Cultivar of low vigor such as Keith = 2. 5 0 2. 5 m Additional planting considerations Plantings have a southerly orientation in Andalusia. Plantings at the bases of valleys or the bottoms of slopes are avoided to prevent possible frost damage.

It is common for tree plantings to follow topological contour lines. Fertilization Annual perforation Juvenile phase Tree age (years) Fertilizer (keg tree-I and year) Ammonium nitrate Monomania phosphate Calcium nitrate chloride 1 0. 11 0. 15 0. 19 – 2-3 0. 22 0. 30 0. 38 – 4-5 0. 44 0. 60 0. 75 0. 50 Adult stage Nutrient keg ha-1 year-I Observations N 150-200 (canary Islands) Potassium 25-30 (Andalusia) Stop or reduce application four months before harvest.

Due to the short mango-growing period in Andalusia, fertilization is performed from early May until the end of August IPPP 20-30 (Canary Islands) O (Andalusia) Stop or reduce application four months before harvest. KEY 100-120 (Canary Islands) 50-100 (Andalusia) Stop or reduce application four months before harvest. In teen adult stage, It Is netter to apply Thrillers Dates on teen results AT Dollar Ana soil analyses. Appropriate indicator levels for the nutrient content of mango leaves in Spain are given below.

Appropriate nutrient content in mango leaves Element Range Nitrogen (%) 1 . 20-1 . 40 Phosphorus (%) 0. 08-0. 175 potassium 0. 3-0. 8 Calcium (%)3-5 (alkaline soils) Magnesium (%) sulfur 0. 2-0. 4 Iron (pimp) Manganese (pimp) 20-150 Zinc (pimp) Copper (pimp) >5 Boron (pimp) Leaves should be sampled when they are 4-7 months old (the last-maturing young flush). Leaves must be collected uniformly from the whole perimeter of the tree and room the middle part of the non-fruiting terminals (sampling usually conducted around December).

Iron and zinc deficiencies are common in the Canary Islands while zinc deficiency is also a problem in Andalusia. It is recommended that iron deficiencies in the Canary Islands should be corrected during the spring using iron chalet split applications via perforation on alkaline soils at a dosage between 100 g tree-I (light soils) and 200 g tree-I (heavy soils), complemented with a soil application of iron sulfate (500 g plant-I). In Andalusia, the use of iron escalate (3-5 keg ha-1 year-I) is only recommended when the leaf iron content is


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