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Art is everywhere. It is a creation of human imagination and artistic creativity. Art evokes emotion and recreate emotional state. Art is an interpretative leap not bound by the constraints of another person’s logic. Art can serve a variety of purposes in our society. The contribution of art to society can be evaluated through pragmatic philosophy. Art can bring awareness to people. It is a powerful means of presenting inner truth about human that cannot be expressed on any other way.

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In addition, art connects people by presenting an idea that everyone can relate to in a universal way. Most people from different part of this world communicate effectively and harmoniously by sharing their common interest particularly in music and dance. Many forms of art are practiced by almost all human cultures and can be regarded as one of the unique characteristics of a human being. In all societies today, the visual arts are intimately entwined with music, dance, ritual, and language (Morris- Kay, 2009).

Culture created by people who share common interest, such as religion, customs, and language. Culture consists of inherited components, ideas, and values also known as traditions passed from generation to generation. American cultures widely influenced by European culture, particularly in visual arts. Many American artist studied in Europe came back to their homeland and shows the reflection of European touch in their artwork.

During the 19th century, the peak of capitalism in America, major shift in American art happens when younger men introduced new hems that had previously been considered unacceptable because of vulgarity. Realism in young artist’s painting had been long major tradition in American art and shows resistance against the Beaux-Arts style (Craven, 2003). The relationship between American culture and Avian-Garden has had a fascinating relationship from the commencement of the art form in America to the present time.

Avian-garden had started in Europe in the early nineteenth century and Americans who studied, lived, ND work in Europe, particularly in France and returned to New York, introduced this style of avian-garden art; slowly blend with the American culture. Mostly, the artists disregard any obligation to realistic depiction and found autonomy of color and design. In avian-garden, the artists assert the aesthetic validity of work of art (Craven, 2003). Craven, W. (2003). American art: History and culture. Morris-Kay, G. (2009). The evolution of human artistic creativity. Retrieved from http://www. Incubi. Ml. NIH. Gob/Mac/about/persuader/


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