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Playscript Procedure

IF unfamiliar with the store layout: Assistance Required Find a sales associate (AS) and ask for assistance or direction to the Shoe Department; if the AS is unaware of where the Shoe Department is located repeat his step until a AS who is aware of the store layout is found. Sales associate Direct customer to the Shoe Department. Travel to directed location. Assistance not Required: Detect signage, hanging from the ceiling and follow written direction to reach the shoe department. Customer b.

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IF familiar with the store layout: Move towards the main level of the store and travel towards the North entrance, by which the Shoe department will be located. Customer 2. Determine location of shoes of the required brand, style or price range (Note: The shoe department at The Bay is divided by style, brand, and discount). Customer IF looking for a discounted women’s shoe, travel to the clearance section. Customer If spatially aware of the Shoe Department Motion directly towards the rolling racks with the big red signs indicated by the word “Clearance” (if spatially aware of Shoe Department).

OR If not spatially aware of Shoe Department Locate sales associate and ask for direction towards the clearance shoe section. Sales associate Direct customer to clearance section. Travel to the directed clearance area. IF looking for a particular brand or style of shoe Go directly to the section you are in search of (e. G. Nine West subsection, or sneaker section). Ask for assistance regarding where specific brands/styles are located. Associate Direct customer to requested location.

Travel to directed brand/style location. 3. Peruse the section of shoes in which you are within. 4. Sales 5. Locate a sales associate and ask for assistance regarding desired shoe(s). Sales 6. Ask customer to show you the shoe and tell you their shoe size. In addition, provide personal insight on fit of shoes and alternatives or similar styles. Sales Associate 7. Go to back stock room and first locate the required shoe style (This step assumes the employee is familiar with the back stock room and location of shoe stock.

If not, employee is to be trained using back stock room procedure). IF the shoe is in stock and Sales Associate the size is in stock, locate the size required and take it out to the customer; OR Sales the size is not in stock; return to customer and inform them of the unavailability of the shoe in the desired size. Repeat steps 4-7 until desired shoe style and size are located. Customer Leave the store and make purchase though an alternate avenue (e. . Online or at a different store; see process for alternate purchasing).

Sales Associate IF the shoe is not in stock, return to the customer and inform them of the unavailability of the desired shoe style. Different store; see process for alternate purchasing). Customer 8. Make a final purchase decision on shoe. 9. IF motion to purchase shoe, move towards cash register to purchase shoe. Customer Find register through use of overhead signage and travel towards it. Customer Ask a sales associate to direct you to a register and travel towards it once directed.

Repeat this step until you find an associate who is able to adequately direct you to a register. Customer IF motion to not purchase shoe, leave store, without purchasing item. Customer 10. When opportunity to approach cashier is presented, motion towards payment for purchase decision. Cashier 11. Payment by the customer and transaction initiation and completion by the cashier. 12. Take purchase from store and evaluate post purchase decision. Revision Date: June 6th, 2013 Next Revision Date: Earliest of next layout change of store OR June 6th, 2014


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