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Playing Sports Teaches People Lessons About the Life.

Playing sports teaches people lessons about the life. Nowadays, a large group of people are crazy about doing sports with other zealous fellows. They always keep themselves occupied with all kinds of sports instead of lying in sofa, watching soap operas. I am a loyal advocator to this passionate life style. While possessing a good health, beneficial classes of life are extra gains of doing sports. Doing sports constantly can steel people’s willpower and teach them the lesson of persevering in everyday life no matter how tough the situations are.

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For instance, Lionel Messi, my favorite football player, no one could believe that he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency and we almost miss a superstar! However, his persistence and intense love for football kept him going on without hesitation and nothing could stop him from becoming an excellent player. Ultimately, the sporting director of Barcelona had been made aware of his talent and led him to a superiorly shining life. Now he has received FIFA World Player of the Year nomination in 2009 at the age of 21.

This incident gives me a full understanding of the fact that how unbelievable results sports may bring to people. In addition, sports guide people to respect rivals regardless of the results. Also, no matter how strong you are and maybe your opponent has no chance to win at all, respecting opponents still remains its essential place. In 2010 Africa FIFA World Cup, when North Korea which at the bottom of the ranking list encountered Brazil, which ranks No. 1 in the world.

Brazil showed the characteristic of a world-class team. They tried hard as their competitors were equally strong as them and spoke highly of North Korea’s presentation after the game. In sum, sports really enable people to own the quality of respecting opponents, which makes it unique compared to other things. Another vital class we can learn is accepting defeats or victories, it is a fundamental part of competition and it is unavoidable for each participant.

That is just the most appealing part of sports. Team members should not blame their partners for anything as long as he puts all his heart into it. Facing failure calmly and embracing success modestly are the experiences of life that sports give us. Considering all the analysis above, we safely come to the conclusion that doing sports indeed benefit us a lot in varied ways. I insist that in the future a large range of people will participate in sports and obtain knowledge of life.


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