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Pest analysis Philips

PEST analysis Philips Philips is an multinational company who operates all over the world. They can choose where they operate and anticipate on each situation. This PEST analysis is about the Netherlands because the Headquarters are in the Netherlands. Political Factors The political situation is stable from 1990 till 2010 there has not changed much. When you look at the taxes and the benefits Philips have in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands multinational companies have benefits on taxes also Philips, this is to tract those companies to stay in Holland or to attract foreign multinationals.

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Philips. 397 per km Density Growth rate 0. 436% Birth rate 10. 53 births/l,ooh Death rate 8. 71 deaths/l,ooh Life expectancy 79. 25 years male 76. 66 years female 81. 98 year Technological Factors In the past 20 years a lot has changed in technology and Philips is a electronic company so this changes were very important for Philips. Philips has to follow these trends and participate with this and innovate themselves to compete with the other major electronic companies like Sony, Samsung and LAG.


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