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Seas has a unique position in the market. The main differentiation point of Seas from other investment companies is its flexibility and adaptability, sourcing from its unique structure which utilizes its own balance sheet and project financing facilities. Seas investments span a range of 5 core industries: As a shareholder, Seas combines deep industry expertise and local market experience to support its portfolio companies’ development. We guide and support our portfolio in achieving their potential by bringing: Past operational experience with significant industry knowledge Strong financial structure Reputability

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At the heart of our investment approach, we have an emphasis on creating sustainable value. Our Board of Directors and executive officers, who combine over 200 years of experience in the Turkish and international business landscape, has the ability to deliver the highest returns through practicing high standards of governance and operational know-how. 3 Seas Head Office Our focus on operational efficiencies, excellence and integrity helped us in overcoming challenges in today’s difficult business conditions…

Dear Friends and Colleagues, As we celebrate our eleventh anniversary, I would like to proudly announce that the combined remover of Seas portfolio companies has reached TRY 3 billion in 2011. Since 2000, we have been investing in companies to create market leaders by keeping the entrepreneurial mindset and helping them thru providing our past experiences and business network in Turkey as well as outside of Turkey. As of today, our portfolio companies food, real estate and entertainment industries. We have established a strong presence in these sectors through our committed management teams and hands on operational approach.

Our focus on operational efficiencies, excellence and integrity has helped us in overcoming business conditions. I am confident that Seas will continue improving its track record of significant growth and profitability in the upcoming years by leveraging its deep industry knowledge, creative and flexible business approach, global perspective and vision, also strong capital structure and credibility in the financial institutions. We will continue to build successful companies in the same way we have done so far.

I would like to convey my appreciation to all of the Seas family members who have been the leaders of this Journey, also to our business partners who have always worked along-side us in order to create such strong companies. Sincerely yours. 5 #EVOKE CABANAS CHAIRMAN As one of the leading investment companies of Turkey, Seas is proud to celebrate its 1 lath market in 2011. Since 2005, the combined revenue of our portfolio companies increased from TRY 400 million to TRY 3 billion. Currently, Seas has a portfolio comprised of six Turkish blue-chip companies that are the leaders of their industries and two highly rated foreign investments.

With the dedicated efforts of our 6,500 family members, the combined turnover of our portfolio companies in Turkey reached TRY 3. 0 billion with a CARR rate of more than 35%. With our strong consumer focus and diverse angel of retail, entertainment and services businesses, we were able reach out to 52 million people in Turkey. Despite the volatile market conditions of the last two years, we have been continuing to invest with the goal of value creation. The acquisitive of FM Cinemas by Seas in August 2010 was one of the largest transactions of 2010 in Turkey with a deal value of USED 82. Million At the end of 2011, we finalized one of the most outstanding mergers of Turkish business market with the acquisition of FM Cinemas by Mars Entertainment Group. The merger created the largest cinema chain in Turkey with 53 locations ND more than 450 screens. Furthermore, we participated in the private placement of LLC-US leading commercial aircraft leasing NYSE in April 2011. Quo to create paradigm shifts. We are grateful to all of our family members and business partners for their confidence and contribution to our success. Yours in kind.


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